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  1. CHASE decreased my credit limit from $755 to $500. There reason: Total available credit on bankcards too low. This is the first CC I got when I was in college - about 5 years ago. I do have a second one from them which I only use now. ...Well, I'll let them keep decreasing it b/c I won't be using; I'm only sticking to one credit card
  2. So currently you only have 1 credit card (the one you received in the mail from CreditOne)? If I were you, I would keep the CreditOne card, pay the annual fee if it's already hit your credit card, so you can get the balance back to 0. Once it's back to zero, I would only charge a small amount (fill up your gasoline tank, dinner, etc), and pay it off in full each month. Since you are already in the mid 600's, I would then focus on anything that is on my CR's I would like to get rid of (collections, late payments, etc.) Hope everything works out for you, and watch those inquiries b/c those suckers can hurt your score, as well!
  3. That whole situation is horrible! Man, I hear you on the good credit topic, though Tmac. I hope things get worked out with this whole credit scare b/c I'm trying to purchase a house before April 2010.
  4. I use this card for all my dental work. The dental work always comes with a 3 - 12 months plan with 0% interest! I used mine for a crown I had to get 4 months back. As long as you pay it off before the 0% ends, you're good. By the way, this offer never expires unless: 1. You default on your card or 2. They change the terms of agreement. Check the website out to get any current information. I enjoy the card and its worth and yes, it helped to build my credit; easy CLI's.
  5. Np. I only use 2 cc's: Chase - Southwest (for all my personal expenses) - for the reward points for free flights and drinks CareCredit - for doctor/dentist/vet The others are cut up; just open.
  6. I would just use the 2 cards you have now and PIF whenever you use them. Over time your credit score will increase as you pay off the cards and your loans. The better the payment history; the better that credit report starts looking
  7. If I were you, I would stick w/ the unsecured card b/c you won't have to pay any fees and you can build credit with that one. I wouldn't get a secured one atm, b/c you have an unsecured one. To answer your first question, I did get rid of my secured credit card after I got approved for an unsecured card I liked. Closing the card might hurt your credit score some, but it'll eventually go back up. If you are going to close out card ever, make sure you do it over like a 3-6 month period; don't close them all at once . Hope this helps!
  8. I honestly don't remember, but I bet you could call Merrick bank and they would let you know. Also, just do a search on the Hooters card from this website and I'm sure someone posted which CA they pull from.
  9. They have to be the most difficult CC company to get a freakin' card from! I'm going to X them from my credit card list. HAHAHA!
  10. Yes, Hooters! You should do a search on the website about the Hooters card. Many people on this site have applied for the Hooters card. It's a pretty simple one to get with numbers in the high 500's and 600's. Express - clothing store - don't use CareCredit -for dental and vet clinic Well, if you got declined, I would not apply for any other cards until you see your credit report. After you have reviewed your credit report, you will be able to create a plan. I waited until items started getting deleted/removed from my credit reports, and waited for my scores to climb before I started applying for credit cards. I only applied for credit cards I knew I would be approved for. You can do a search for "whogivescredit" I believe, which is a nice website to give you an idea, but give in mind about the previous credit crunch... Hope this helps out some.
  11. Well, I applied for a credit card last night and NewcardServices calls me today at work to verify a few things. It was for the Fidelity AMEX, and I did not only get denied for the card, but she proceeded to tell me they were canceling my BoA credit card as well. HAHAHAHA! I simply laughed, gave her a little piece of my mind, and then concluded, "Oh btw, as you can see I haven't used the card in about 4 months so you saved me the time for closing it any ways...Now you have a great day!" and then I hung up the phone. So just be cautious if you are applying for any credit cards and you already have a few. They pull your credit and might even back fire on you. But for me, one less card that I need.
  12. They did that back in the day to my first cc (still have it with them), and the credit limit has not moved since then. That was over 6 years ago....
  13. Sure. I'll explain my sig for you. I started off with the secured BoA cc and an Express CC. I waited until my BoA card became unsecured, and then I applied for the Hooter's card. From there, I just waited until my scores improved and got the others; now I only use my Southwest Airlines and CareCredit cc's. I am however, going to apply for the Fidelty AMEX cc to help with contributions to my roth acct. Overall, it took me about 2 years on my CC repair journey. Last card I applied for was 7 months ago - Southwest Airlines. Hope this helps you out!
  14. To be honest, I think it would be a good start. It's a small loan, which you can pay off over a long term (making more than the mim), or short term; a month - 3 months. It depends on your expenses. If it were me, I would pay off this secured loan ASAP, and make sure I'm staying under the 30% credit line on your credit card. After you have those things paid off and under control, THEN I would look around for a credit card (after seeing if your scores improved or not, which might take a month or 2 after paying off the loan and credit card). Too bad it doesn't report to all 3, but usually banks and credit unions report to 1 or 2 CRA's. Good luck with everything!
  15. That's awesome! Yes, please sure your experience with your credit repair journey at sometime. It's always nice to hear how others repaired their credit and the actions they took.
  16. That is no bueno; I wonder if I am next...CHASE has been good so far, but if something like that happens to me, they will taste the shredder as well.
  17. At least good things are happening for you and you will be able to afford and love your home! It's nice when you start getting your life together!! Congrats on the success; big or small!
  18. One card which helped me (you can also search it on this website) was the BoA secured credit card. It helped beef up my credit whenever I started, but my scores were in the 500's, so I had to pay a little money up front. Since your scores are in the mid-600's, I would try for a gas card or department store card. What type of card do you currently have? Then I would stick with those credit cards for awhile until your credit score increases. But also remember, try to shop around for cards that will benefit you when using it - reward points, travel, etc. If you want to wait, I would try the 1st above suggestion - gasoline or department store card.
  19. I have asked my bank and credit union and both of them have replied back with the CRA they report to. Score?? I know the credit economy is starting to rebuild, and during the summer the mim. credit score even get looked at by a bank for a house loan was 640. My guess: If it's around there, I would apply for a credit card. Since you have one, you could try a credit union or even your favorite department store or gasoline company.
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