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  1. I usually don't post much, but I felt the need when I saw the word Americredit. They are the worst, when you call its like talking to a big dead ear. I had 4 30 day lates in 2005, never again and my car is now paid in full. They will not even think about it, they are absolutely the worst. the operators sound like the one's you talk to in Experian, by the book no exception and very heavy southern accent. (no offense) Best of Luck!!!
  2. Lexxus reports as fast as you sign the contract, & if you are ever late, its very hard, not that it can't be done BUT very dificult to take off. They are as fast as Ford Motor Credit. Look up threads on this. But let's think positive, enjoy your car and pay on time!!
  3. The original debt is from 4 years ago, but calvary purchased it 1 1/2 ago. Like I said before I've never contacted them directly. Can I request from the credit bureaus, how do they verify?
  4. I'm down to my last 2 collection accounts that show up on tu and exp, They are with Cavalry Portfolio. Every month I dispute, thats how I got rid of 30 baddies, every month I get back confirmed, I've never gotten back frivolous but I really need these off. I've never contacted Cavalry directly and the accounts are from 4 years ago. Should I contact directly and dispute? Give tu and exp a break of a month or two? I've been working on my credit for the past year 1/2. Any advice welcomed.
  5. The disputes & verification have gone on for about a year, I dispute the same day I get a reponse from one of the CRAs, I've even tried the yellow paper with red ink, every time the same thing. Shld I wait a couple of weeks & then start again. The good thing I've never gotten a response saying my dispute is frivolous.
  6. When shld you stop disputing if all CRA's say verified every month (Cavalry portfolio for sprint and ford motor credit) I have been able to update and delete everything else I wanted, but this with Cavalry has gone on long enough and its all I need to get my credit report to look how I want. Any advice? much thanks.
  7. I have been disputing the last 2 collections on my CR for the past year, on TU and EX, Should I stop for a while or continue, it always says verified. I need to buy a condo, that I'm getting a great deal on, now that its all so strict to buy a property, unless I get it paid or get it off, I won't even be able to finance a bicycle (quoting my mtg broker). I'm in FL and financing is very hard nowadays. I need the best possible advice. Cavalry Portfolio 1 - sprint $650.00 2 - Ford motor $3200.00 Thanks in advance.
  8. I filed bk just to save my home & give more time to the people that are buying it, because the foreclosure was way ahead. I sold the house and after filing with the attorney, did not continue, basically i gave myself 60 days. I just received a letter from the bk court the order was discharged and the case closed. I've never paid my credit cards late, but once the filing was done a couple closed my accounts even though the only thing included in the bk was the house. Should I contact the credit cards and send them this doc of closed case & dismissed, will this get my credit cards back?
  9. I have been disputing Ford Motor Credit for lates on all 3 cra's for the past year, nothing has changed every time they say its verified, 7 lates. Besides that on Ex I have 4 more accts with lates, all disputing for the past year. Should I stop or continue? I dispute again the same day I get a response in the mail. Please advise needed. I've evern tried the yellow paper, nothing!!!
  10. Be careful about this site. the info is great, but all the dates from the info are from 2004. I didn't see anything recent.
  11. I don't understand whats choppage??
  12. I had 4 foreclosures from my 1st & 2nd mtg, I kept diputing never late. These were with GMAC, well fargo, freedmont. Well, I started my credit repair over a year ago. They now all say on all 3 CRA's, closed account, paid in full and never late except for Wells Fargo with EX (the worst CRA) twice 60 days late. I just dispute every month. If you have learned anything from all the free advice from this site is Patience is a virtue. Good Luck & don't get discouraged. VP Dick Cheney got denied for the Toys R Us visa!!!
  13. Bank of america for personal credit cards uses Equifax, for business credit lines & business credit cards uses Experian (the evil credit bureau).
  14. Does this also work with Equifax or only with TU? I know nothing works with EX.
  15. I have equifax scroewatch, only when I have a change in my score does it update. It does not let me update like Truecredit. Will this cause choppage?? I have B with Truecredit 8 inquirys in the past 3 weeks. I update my report everyday. Will I also B the ones from Equifax this way or just by disputing? Thanks in advance.