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  1. I have a quick question. Hopefully a few of you with more experience then me can give me some advice. The wife and I are tossing around the idea of buying a house in the next few months. House prices are good right now and our lease will be ending soon. We've always rented and have never owned a home. We're not looking for anything huge. Out here $175k to $225k will be about the range we'd be looking at. Our monthly rent is $1250 and we have no issues paying that comfortably. The only thing hurting me is I have alot of credit card debt right now. Roughly about $15k. We just got married
  2. Awseome. Thats pretty much what I thought. The only thing that worried me was showing all the "recent" payments after 2002. I haven't paid a dime on the card since then. I thought it was wierd how it said: date of last payment was 09/2002, but then they show payments being made. Thank you so much.
  3. Ok everyone. I need some help here. I'm being sued by an attorney's office for charged off credit card from Citibank. I think I may have a few things to stand on here. But I want some advice. I'm going to see an attorney next week. I have legal care through work, but I would like some info to take to him. The card was opened in 1996. Credit limit of $1500. The date of last payment on my credit report is 09/2002. The date of first delinquency on my credit report is 09/2002. The date Major delinquency first reported is 11/2003. The charge off amount was $1900. The amount i'm being sued for
  4. It's on the Carnival Sea miles. I called and asked for a CLI. I spoke to the processor who said they couldn't do anything at this time. So then I asked for a better APR. They transfered me to someone else, who looked the account over and said not a problem. So if you haven't tried yet, give them a call and ask for a better APR.
  5. Whoot. I'm excited. I've had my JC Penny's card for over 8 months now. It was issued with a stupid $200 limit. I used it a few times and paid in full or paid it off in a few months. Just for kicks I went online and requested a credit line increase. They bumped me up to $1500. No credit pull or anything. That rocks
  6. Same here. They did at least lower my apr to 12.9% though. So thats a plus.
  7. I've had my Target red card for over a year now. I'm still stuck at the $200 limit. No upgrade or credit increase for me. I've charged the card up a few times and paid it off the following month. I've charged stuff and carried a balance for a few months making more then the minimum payment, and still nothing. They told me I can apply for a Target credit card on my own, but I don't want one that bad. I would at least like an increase to $500 though. That is my smallest trade line by far.
  8. I get those offers in the mail from time to time. I just shred them and laugh while i'm doing it.
  9. I'm going to have to call and check. There isn't anything showing under other services. It was worth a try at the 50% limit. I've had the card for several months and always made good payments. I've been with NFCU for over 15 years and had about a dozen loans with them through the years and never had any lates. So it's worth a shot.
  10. Outstanding. Thank you so much. That direct link worked perfectly.
  11. Ok, I bit the bullet yesterday and applied for an increase on my NFCU credit card. I did it online. I haven't heard anything yet and there is no way to check the status on their website. How long does it normally take and is there a way to check the status? I've had the card for over 8 months and utilization is about 50%.
  12. Ok, maybe i'm missing something here. I've followed the instructions, and there is no option for me to dispute anything without a confirmation number. It keeps telling me I need to have a current copy of my credit report to dispute anything. Am I doing something wrong?
  13. Thanks. The lady at Chase was super nice as well. She asked what happened in the past and why I had a few charge off's. She also reviewed my current records and saw my credit had been perfect since 2003. She approved it after reviewing the account for a few seconds. I couldn't be happier. Now I can get rid of some of these sub prime cards finally.