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  1. I have a quick question. Hopefully a few of you with more experience then me can give me some advice. The wife and I are tossing around the idea of buying a house in the next few months. House prices are good right now and our lease will be ending soon. We've always rented and have never owned a home. We're not looking for anything huge. Out here $175k to $225k will be about the range we'd be looking at. Our monthly rent is $1250 and we have no issues paying that comfortably.

    The only thing hurting me is I have alot of credit card debt right now. Roughly about $15k. We just got married in July, so alot of stuff for the wedding went on the credit cards. My credit history has been great for the past 5 years. I have two bad marks from cap one that are right at 7 years old. Those should fall off next year. All the credit card debt is in my name. She has a car loan in her name, but nothing else. I have a few credit cards, a car loan, and a motorcycle loan in my name.

    Betwen the wife and I we make around 80K a year. Both of us have been at our jobs for about 7 years. The original plan was to try and pay off all the credit cards in the next 2 years and then buy a house. We still may go that route.

    Does anyone think we'd be able to qualify if we tried for a home loan at this point? I know the credit market is tough right now. However we're with a great credit union, which is a plus. I just don't want to get any hits on our credit scores unless we have a good shot. Thanks in advance.

  2. You're outside the SOL. It's up to them to prove you may payments which would restart the clock.

    Just answer the summons and be sure to put the SOL as one of your affirmative defenses.

    Awseome. Thats pretty much what I thought. The only thing that worried me was showing all the "recent" payments after 2002. I haven't paid a dime on the card since then. I thought it was wierd how it said: date of last payment was 09/2002, but then they show payments being made.

    Thank you so much.

  3. Ok everyone. I need some help here. I'm being sued by an attorney's office for charged off credit card from Citibank. I think I may have a few things to stand on here. But I want some advice. I'm going to see an attorney next week. I have legal care through work, but I would like some info to take to him.

    The card was opened in 1996. Credit limit of $1500.

    The date of last payment on my credit report is 09/2002.

    The date of first delinquency on my credit report is 09/2002.

    The date Major delinquency first reported is 11/2003.

    The charge off amount was $1900.

    The amount i'm being sued for is $3100.

    I'm in FL and I know the statue of limitations is 5 years if i'm not mistaken. So i'm thinking i'm outside the SOL on this case so I shouldn't have anything to worry about.

    However looking at my credit report, when it breaks down the monthly payments, they show payments being made as recently as 2004, 2005, and even 2007. I have never made any payments since the account was charged off back in 2002.

    This was my account. I can't deny that. I got into some financial trouble in 2002 and they were the only credit card not wanting to work with me and keep me on track. So one late payment led to another, and then over limit fees and late payment fees just piled up.

    Does this case sound like it's outside the SOL?

    Does this sound like a case of a credit card company "re-aging" the accoung by showing payments made after the account is charged off?

    I need some advice here guys. Thanks in advance everyone.

  4. How did you get them to lower the APR???

    What card was it for? I hvae 18.99 on sea miles right now, I would love 13.99 like HSBC...

    It's on the Carnival Sea miles. I called and asked for a CLI. I spoke to the processor who said they couldn't do anything at this time. So then I asked for a better APR. They transfered me to someone else, who looked the account over and said not a problem.

    So if you haven't tried yet, give them a call and ask for a better APR.

  5. I've had my Target red card for over a year now. I'm still stuck at the $200 limit. No upgrade or credit increase for me. I've charged the card up a few times and paid it off the following month. I've charged stuff and carried a balance for a few months making more then the minimum payment, and still nothing.

    They told me I can apply for a Target credit card on my own, but I don't want one that bad. I would at least like an increase to $500 though. That is my smallest trade line by far.

  6. Just call and find out. 50% on the card huh? Good luck. :p

    I'm going to have to call and check. There isn't anything showing under other services.

    It was worth a try at the 50% limit. I've had the card for several months and always made good payments. I've been with NFCU for over 15 years and had about a dozen loans with them through the years and never had any lates. So it's worth a shot.

  7. Click this:


    put in your zip and submit. On the next page just click Next. Now on THAT page it is the last sentence of the top paragraph:

    If you do not have a confirmation number, click here to start your investigation.

    Good luck!

    Edit: Actually that "Click Here" link goes straight to it! Just leave confirmation number blank.

    those of you stuck with CSC might try that direct as well.

    Outstanding. Thank you so much. That direct link worked perfectly. :mrgreen:

  8. Well I just got approved for my first Chase card. I applied for the Chase freedom card and was deined. So I called the reconsideration line friday and spoke to a nice lady there. She was very friendly and gave me a chance to explain the negatives on my credit report.

    I told her what happend and I also explained i've had great credit since 2003 with no late payments at all since then. She reviewed my account and approved me for a $1000 credit line. It's not great, but it's a prime card. So far NFCU is the only one who has given me any prime cards.

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  9. Ok,

    I'm in the position to pay off 1 credit card next week. I could either pay off 1 credit card or I can actually split the money and pay over half on that credit card and one other. Which would take me below 50% utilization on both of them. What do you think would be better? Both have about the same interest rate. One has a $1000 limit and the balance is about $800. The other card has a $800 limit and the balance is about $500. Should I pay the one off or pay both of them down? What does everyone think?

  10. Ok I finally called to cancel my First Premier card and my HSBC card. Talk about a Pain in the a$$ to cancel. They send you through hoops. I had to go through two different people with both cards, just to cancel. They told me how their card could help me and all that good BS. I said the only way they could help me is to give me a $1000 credit limit with an apr less then 9%. Otherwise spare me the song and dance. Both cards have been cut into pieces and canceled now :D

  11. This feels so good I had to share. I paid off 5 credit cards today. I paid off Hooters, First Premier, HSBC, Target, and JC Penny's. Granted all of them, except Hooters, had under a $200 balance. Hooters had a $450 balance. But I got them paid off. Now to decide which ones to cancel.

    I have several credit cards now, including two with my credit union. Each of those has a $7500 limit. So I don't need these little $300 credit cards anymore.

    I'm definatly getting rid of HSBC and First Premier. I've kept them more for age then anything. But I definatly don't need them anymore.

    I'll sockdrawer Hooters and give them a few more months to see if they lower their apr any. I have a $1500 limit with them which is nice, but the 29% apr sucks. If they don't do something about the apr, then they are next on the chopping block.

  12. Congrats. I just closed my account with them as well. I've had the Orchard card for 3 years. The whole time i've had a stupid $300 limit. They have never given me an increase. Now they want to charge me an annual fee. Plus my apr was like 24%. Forget it.

    I've never been late with them, my credit is great now. But they don't want to do anything for me, then I don't need them :)++:)++

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