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  1. I was with them for about a year. They were ok. Nothing special. Just make sure you make your payments on time. As soon as I could, I refinanced through my credit union. If you have a bank or credit union you are a member of, I would try and go that route first. 5% is a good savings though.
  2. I figured the same thing, that my friend could go after the parents if that was the case. However, the car is in the kids name only and the insurance is in the kids name only. So my friend has no other recourse. The kid is only 19, so i'm sure thats why he had the minimum insurance required in FL.
  3. From my understanding, I could be mistaken on this, he did consult with quite a few attorneys before taking the insurance settlement. The attorneys told him that in FL, if the kids insurance maxed out, then that was all they could get. He wasn't originally wanting to use his insurance as well, since his premiums may go up. But after finding out that the kids insurance topped out at $25k, he didn't have much choice. The $25k came from the kids insurance and the $50k came from his. He works for his dad's shop and they don't provide medical insurance. He did have full coverage auto & motorcycle insurance though. If he had used all the money he got for the medical bills, it still wouldn't have paid them 100%. Plus then he still has other bills, like rent, electric, car payment, credit cards, ect. So he thought it best to pay off everything he could, to minimize his monthly expenses while he is out of work.
  4. So thats the catch. It sounds like the attorney was right, that hospitals can't report to CRA's. However they left out the part that the hospital will sell the debt to a CA, who can report it. Interesting. I definatly need to let him know about that.
  5. He has contacted and talked to at least 10, if not more, attorneys. All of them say the same thing. The kid's insurance is maxed out and there is pretty much no hope of getting anything from the kid himself. The kid is 19 and lives at home. The only thing the kid owned was the car that was destroyed when he t-boned my friend. He's had attorneys and paralegals come out to his house and interview him. He's spoken to numerous people on the phone. It's all the same thing. You can't get water from a turnip. So why even fight the fight. Attorney's aren't going to take on a case they have no chance of winning or being paid on. So he is screwed as far as that goes.
  6. Ok, I need some advice for a friend here. Long story short. He was involved in a severe motorcycle accident about two months ago. Some kid ran a red light and t-boned my friend. He was ok, but spent about a week in the hospital and had to have multiple surgeries to put titanium rods and screws in his arm. So my friend is out of work and doesn't know if he will ever be able to go back to work in his job as a mechanic. The kid who hit him only had $25k worth of insurance. So he recieved that and another $50k from his insurance. Now his total hospital bills are well over $75k. The kid who hit him is 19 and has no property or assetts. So every lawyer he checked with, said there is no point suing. You can't get water from a turnip. Now my friend has been out of work for two months. He doesn't know if and or when, he can go back to turning wrenches. He may have to look for a new career. He took the insurance money and paid off his car, the motorcycle, and all his other bills. He also has had to pay rent, electric, and buy food and daily expences out of his insurance money. So it's starting to trickle down. From talking to him, it sounds like he is going to blow off paying the hospital bills. I understand his frustration, since the accident wasn't his fault. He feels shafted by the system. I'm worried that if he doesn't pay the hospital bills, they will show up on his credit report and really screw him down the road. He said his lawyer told him medical collections couldn't show up on his credit report. Is there any truth to that? He did try and contact the hospital and they wanted to set up payments of $800 a month for 8 years. There is no way he can afford that. He tried explaining to them that he is still out of work and doesn't know when he will be working again. So he's basically saying screw it. So what are his options? If he blows off the medical bills will it hit collections? Can they sue for the $$$$ owed? Will it go against his credit report? Thanks in advance for any advice I can give him.
  7. Congrats. Thats pretty much what happened to me as well
  8. Be carefull and stay ontop of this one man. You may want to go ahead and talk to a lawyer and get some legal paperwork done. I've heard of this same kind of thing happening to people from shady dealerships. Keep an eye on your credit report. I've seen the same thing happen and when people take the "new" car back. The finance company hits them with a voluntary repo on their report, even though the credit terms changed from the original contract.
  9. Jared and Kay just showed up on my reports today. Thats a nice $4400 credit line for each
  10. Congrats on the new ride and major props for sticking to your guns on negotiations with the dealership.
  11. No. As long as your active duty family member or retired family member is a member of NFCU, then you can join.
  12. Here you go. From NFCU's website: http://www.navyfcu.org/about/membership_eligible.html Eligibility Checklist Navy Federal's Field of Membership is determined by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). If you are in any of these categories, you are eligible to join. All Department of the Navy (DON) Personnel—regardless of location or rank, including: Active duty Navy and Marine Corps Reservist, regardless of drilling status Civilian employees Contractors assigned to DON sites afloat or ashore Officer Candidate programs, NROTC, U.S. Naval Academy, U.S. Coast Guard Academy, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy U.S. Government—Military and civilian personnel employed by the U.S. Government assigned to, stationed at or working at a Navy installation, afloat or ashore Retired—from any of the categories listed above Family—including: Grandparents Parents Spouse Siblings Children (includes adopted, foster and stepchildren) Grandchildren Household Members Once your family members have joined, they can extend the membership opportunity to their family members, too.
  13. Nope. You either have to be active duty or retired U.S. Navy, Marines, or a dependant/relative of a current member.
  14. What is the standard time for credit line increases with Juniper? I have been with them for right at 3 months. Should I request a CLI now or wait till the 6 month point? Thanks.
  15. Congrats. NFCU gave me my first "big" credit card as well. Go ahead and apply for their line of credit. I'm sure you have heard of the trifecta. You can do their visa, mastercard, and line of credit. If you get one, you're about 99.9% guaranteed to get the other two. I just did the line of credit when I got my visa. I was approved in a day for it.
  16. Well I got the cards yesterday. So it's official. Kay and Jared. Both approved with $4400 limit. Now how long does it take for them to show up on my credit report? Do I need to go buy something first or will they just start reporting? Thank again to everyone on this board for all your help.
  17. I just got an email from Jared. I was approved for their card as well. So since my initial limit with Kay was $4400, i'm assuming that the Jared card will also have a limit of $4400. But they will both report individually right? That should help quite abit with utilization.
  18. Cool. Thanks for the info everyone. I'll keep my fingers crossed. I'll make sure to let everyone know once I find out if I got both cards.
  19. Well I went ahead and applied for a Jarred Galleria card since everyone said they are the same. Well I was approved instantly with the Kay card. I got a 7 day message with the Jarred card. So we'll see if I get both now.
  20. Really? So do I go apply for them individually at their own websites? I know who Jared is. I'm not sure who JR is. Thanks for the heads up. I'll do that this today for sure.
  21. Woohoo. I was just approved for the Kay Jewlers card with a limit of $4400. Thats my second highest limit yet. I have a NFCU visa with a $5000 limit. Wow. I have seen alot of people mention they are fairly easy to get. I just applied on a whim and am totally suprised. This rocks.
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