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  1. I already have some better cards then Hooters. I just wanted to keep them another year for the tradeline and history. I haven't gotten anything in the mail about rates or plan changes. I'll give them a call and see what they say. Wish me luck.
  2. I've had my Hooters card for over a year now. I have a $1000 credit line with their crazy 25% interest rates. I just noticed they are charging me $6 a month for membership now. What gives with that? There have never been any fees associated with this card till now. What are my options here. If I call will they work with me to remove the monthly fees? I've never had a late payment with them and I have about a $400 balance. I don't want to close the card since I have some good history with them, but i'm not about to pay $6 a month for a card with a high interest rate already
  3. I got the denial letter from they yesterday. They are listing my charge off's from Crapital one as the reason. That sucks. It's two charge off's from 2002. Anyone have any luck with a reconsideration letter to them?
  4. I have to ask out of curousity. What kind of vehicle is it that you are looking to buy?
  5. I finally broke down and called their customer service. I was told the application was still "processing". So who knows what that means. It's been over a week since I applied. Maybe thats a good sign. We'll see. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  6. You can try, but don't hold your breath. I've had my Hootes card for almost 2 years and only gotten 1 credit limit increase from $500 to $900. I've never paid late and always paid more then the minimum. I've called a few times to request a CLI and am always told they review accounts automatically for increases and don't take requests over the phone for CLI's.
  7. Ok, So I decided I wanted to get another prime credit card and Chase seemed like a good company to get in with. I have heard the Freedom card could be gotten with the FICO scores I have. 630 to 650 FICO. So I figured i'd give it a try. I have a few charge off's from Crapital one still showing, so that may hurt me. I was approved in July for a $5000 NFCU credit card and $3500 line of credit, so it couldn't hurt to try. I recieved the 30 day message from Chase. The wait is killing me. Is there any where I can go to check the status or is there a number I can call? Am I better off waiting? Thanks all. I hate this waiting game.
  8. It seems a few people have had good success with them lately. I'm just scared to dispute them for fear of waking a sleeping giant. I have three years left before the SOL runs out though. So I may give it a try.
  9. My goal is to buy a house sometime in 09. I'm getting married next year. So I figure by the end of 09 is a good timeframe for buying a house.
  10. Congrats on the removals. Keep an eye on your credit report. I've heard that Capital one is evil and they can reappear on your report after they have been removed. I have two charge off's with them that I can't get to go away no matter what I try.
  11. I have a few problems with HSBC. First off, I hate having to get a translator everytime I call. Their customer service is in India and it seems I always get someone with very bad english who I can't understand. Second, i've had three accounts with them for right at a year. I had my truck loan and two credit cards. In that year with them, my truck payment was always on time and I always paid more then the minimum due. My credit card payments were always on time an the cards were never maxed out. I recently paid the credit cards off totally. I have asked for a credit limit on both cards and was declined. I have asked to combine both cards into one and was declined. I tried for a better interest rate on the truck and was approved at a 12.9% rate. Gee I had 14.9% already. Thanks for nothing there Plus there is all the stuff HSBC tries to sell you. So i'm just fed up with them. I'll keep one card to keep history with them. But other then that i'm done with them.
  12. Well I just got my letter in the mail. HSBC wouldn't combine my Orchard and HSBC credit card into one card. They also wouldn't give me a credit line increase on either card. I've had two credit cards with them for over a year and my truck payment through them for right at a year. My credit and payment has been perfect for the past few years. Oh well, I just refinanced my truck through my credit union. I'll cancel the Orchard card next month and just keep the HSBC card and use it for gas once a month. I don't want to loose all my history with them.
  13. I'm so happy right now. I got a truck last year and due to my credit was approved with HSBC with a 14% interest rate. I just refinanced with NFCU for 9.9%. Not the best rate they offer, but much better then I had. Plus i'm back with my credit union. I haven't been happy with HSBC overall.
  14. Fight it. Take them to court. Just because they sent you a bill doesn't mean that you owe them money. They will have to prove to the judge that you owe them money. It works both ways.
  15. I second that. IKEA is awseome. Their prices are great and their quality is awseome. Anytime we go out of town to a city that has a IKEA warehouse we have to go shopping
  16. Nice letter and congrats on the progress.
  17. When I did it online, I got an email from them about 20 minutes later giving me the denial letter. I'm not worried about it though. I just applied on a whim.
  18. Ok, so in the last month I got a NFCU credit card with a $5000 limit, a Carnival sea miles with $500 limit, and a Target card with a $200 limit. I thought i'd try for the Walmart card. Even if it was only a $150 limit, we shop there alot and it would get used. DENIED. Not even a $150 limit. Oh well, I guess I didn't want one that bad anyways
  19. I don't think so. Of course it may depend on the situation. I had a $500 CC with HSBC that was charged off in 2003. It's still a charge off on my credit report and of course with late fees, over the limit fees, and misc stuff it's showing the balance as $2200. Now In July of 06 I was approved for a $20,000 auto loan through HSBC at pretty good interest rates. Then I was approved for a HSBC and Orchard credit card. So in my case, they definatly didn't blacklist me.
  20. I've seen several people on here post up about this card, so I figured i'd give it a shot. So I applied. I was approved instantly for a $500 credit line at 21%. No AF though, which I like
  21. Thats awseome. Please give us details of what you did. I have been scared to apply for a Mortgage since I have a few charge off's on my credit. How easy was it for you to get a mortgage with charge off's?
  22. Good luck. Just make sure to use the card and then make your payments ontime for the next 6months to a year. That in itself will help your credit score alot.
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