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  1. Will do. They said it takes about 7 to 10 days to get approved. So i'll let everyone know what happens when I find out.
  2. Ok, I'm just curious how many people have done this and what are the odds of it working. I have a HSBC credit card and an Orchard credit card. They are both issued by HSBC. I've had them for about 8 months and neither will budge on a credit limit increase. I've seen people post up about taking two HSBC accounts and combining them into one credit card account with the limit of both combined. Has anyone had any luck with that?
  3. If you can swing it, try and get a secured card with your bank or credit union. Go for at least a $500 or $1000 balance. Make payments on time for about 6 months to a year and that will help you out alot.
  4. Congrats on the engagement. I got engaged a few months ago myself. Isn't Jared the same parent company as Kay?
  5. That seems to common with Crap 1. I have two charge off's with them and they both have different "fall off" dates with the 3 credit agency's. Crap 1 is evil
  6. I'm just going to let my Crapital one charge off's sit as well. I've read too many stories about them on these boards. The general agreement on these boards seems just to let Crapital one lie and hope they don't sue. As long as all goes well, mine should fall off in late 09. It sucks I have to wait, but i'll have everything else taken off and cleaned up well before then. So hopefully they won't hurt me too bad.
  7. Hey no harm, no foul. We both just had a misunderstanding and it's all good now. I think loyalty goes along way with a bank and thats how I got approved for the credit limit I got. I agree about the credit line. It feels good to know that I have the limit there to use if necessary. Espically after coming from cards with low limits for so long. I've also been with USAA for a few years. I carry my auto insurance with them. I tried to get a card with them a few months ago and they denied me I'll get one with them eventually. I'll probably try again in 6 months. So congrats to you on that as well. USAA is actually the one card I really want to get becides my NFCU.
  8. Hahahahaha. I could so see a CA trying to pull that in court. Thats a good point, they don't mind giving us all kinds of legal garbage when they take us to court. Why not turn the tables alittle
  9. Ok, it sounds like we both got off on the wrong foot. I'll say i'm sorry for my harsh words. I was alittle taken back by your post. The last line of your post "So you can really feel good about your big fat card, because I'm sure you were accurate down to the letter." sounded really, really sarcastic to me. Look at it from my point of view. Re-read what you posted and think if I had replied to a post you made with that paragraph. I know this is the internet, and it's hard to judge the tone of something posted. But that just struck me the wrong way. It basically came across as I was being accused of something. I think because you combined two subject all into one paragraph, so to me, it looked as if you were accusing me. Now fwiw, after seeing your post about what you did, I don't think you have anything to worry about. Income is income. No matter where it comes from. So I wouldn't worry about that. So that being said
  10. Congrats. Hopefully i'll be there in under a year.
  11. It almost sounds like you are trying to accuse me of something here? Do you even know me? Do you know anything about me? Do you know my credit history? Just because you had to had to lie to get good credit doesn't mean everyone here has to. I'm proud of my new credit scores. It does feel good. It tells me my hard work the past few years making ontime payments was worth it. It tells me my past 6 months using everything I learned here and working on my credit report was worth it. I've learned from my mistakes in the past with credit and i've done everything in my power for the past two years to recover from it. I came about this 100% honestly and i'm very proud of it. Thats why I had to share. As I said i've been with NFCU since 1995 and had three auto loans with them and two signature loans. All have perfect payment records and all were much, much higher loans then $5000. I have no reason to be dishonest on any application.
  12. Well it's official. I now have the highest limit credit card i've ever had in my life. I was approved by NFCU for a $5000 visa cc. Before that the highest limit I had was $1500, and that was a few years ago. I was approved last week, but I was in shock and kept thinking there must be some kind of mistake or they would go back and look at my CR again and change their mind. So when the card showed up yesterday, I knew it was official. I guess it helps, i've been a member of NFCU since 1995 and had three auto loans through them, that have all had a perfect payment history. My credit card and loan payment history for the past 2 years has been perfect with no lates. I do have three credit card charge off's from the early 2000's. So that hurts me alot of places. NFCU pulled Equifax. My scores have gone up a whole lot since I started reading these forums and I have started clearing up my credit. I know I couldn't have gotten this card 6 months ago. My FAKO with Equifax is right around 640 the last time I checked it. So far here are my current cards: Vystar secured $500 (Had for almost 2 years) Vystar unsecured $750 (Just approved last week) Hooters $1000 (Had for about a year and a half) Orchard $300 (Had for about 6 months) First Premier $500 (Had for over 2 years) Tribute $500 (Had for over 2 years) HSBC $300 (Had for over a year) NFCU $5000 (Just approved) I should probably cancel one or two, but i'm afraid of loosing the TL. I'd really like to get rid of the First Premier and the Vystar secured.
  13. They won't combine the two cards. I already checked there. I just got a CC from NFCU with a $5000 limit, so hopefully that will help bring all my other cards limits up in time.
  14. I have two Crapital one credit cards that were charged off in the early 2000's. I still get pre approved Crapital one auto loan requests in the mail all the time. I just throw them out, but it doesn't seem like they blacklist based on the offers i've been getting.
  15. I just checked this morning and the rest of my inquires are gone. I have 3 left from this month. I'll let those be for a few months and then get rid of those as well.
  16. It seems alittle long to keep someone interested in reading the whole thing. However, it is an excellent letter. I'd just shorten it up alittle.
  17. I have two capital one accounts listed in the negative on my CR. They are both charge offs from 2004. The limit on both was $500. Now one is showing a balance of $3200 and the other is showing a balance of $2400. I still have about two years left on the SOL. I'm "hoping" they forget about me. If they sue me, then at least I have a lawyer, but i'm hoping they will FOAD in time. They are evil.
  18. So if a Ca buys an account and then starts reporting, they are supposed to have the DOFD the same as the original creditor? So if I had a charge off with HSBC and the DOFD was 07/2003, then when a collection agency buys the debt, the DOFD with them should also be 07/2003? Am I correct on that? Now if the CA lists a different date, then what actions should we take?
  19. Well I went by the bank on saturday. They are giving me a whole seperate credit card # and account. They said since the old card is secured, it has to be paid off, and the card sent back in. Then they will close the account and release the money in it. Oh well, i'll keep the secured card for another two or three months and pay it off and then close it. Heck, I might even keep it around for abit if I don't need the $500 back right away.
  20. Thats definatly one thing I have learned from these boards. Don't trust anyone. Get whatever deal they make you in writing first. Then never, never, give them access to your checking account information. Money orders and cashier checks are good currency. If they don't want to take them, they are up to something. Beware.
  21. Ok, I'll make sure to ask when I go to the branch this weekend. Thanks.
  22. I did this on monday and as of today (thursday) the 6 inquiries I listed are gone. So I went ahead and did another 6 today. I really wish it was that easier to do with the other credit agency's.
  23. Ok, I have had a $500 secured credit card with a bank for about a year and a half. The payment on it has been perfect for the whole time i've had it. I was just approved to go to a $750 unsecured credit card with them. My question is, will this be reported as a new credit card on my reports or will it look like i've had the unsecured cc the whole time? If so, then I guess my secured card will show as closed, so I loose that past year and a half of account activity?
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