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  1. I use CIP which is no longer repackaged TC. I b*** ed 2 inq. after they changed to the new product, but before the massive reinsertion of inq. b***ed by TC. My inq. have not came back at all. Knock on wood.
  2. If I were in your place I would try the Credit Repair page from this web site. I have followed the advice there and in these boards an have had great results. I had 10-12 negatives on each report when I began and now have only one negative remaining. My Score has jumped 75 points or more. Since your problems are old and soon to fall off many may come off with a dispute letter. Get rid of them and then you should be in good shape for that home purchase. Having gone through BK7 many years ago before the laws got tougher, bankruptcy is not an easy fix and credit repair is a breeze compared
  3. After posting here on the 13th I started doing daily pulls with creditkarma and the new Chase. Both of my TU inquires have bumped off as of today. CIP must have had them ready to fall off. First one fell off yesterday, second one today.
  4. Has anyone seen bumpage since CIP updated site and changed from True Credit? I have been doing daily pulls and not seen any results yet.
  5. The trifecta immediately helped my score because it lowered my utilization. I also disputed all three inqueries as soon as they showed up on Equifax using method described on this boart and they went away in about a week. Bought DW a wedding set that she certainly deserves after 16 years of marriage and she says it sings to her every time she puts it on. If you do charge anything to Kay, beware that their minimum payments are about 3 times that of a major cc. Minimum payment on my $1900 purchase is $120 and it does not get lower over time. They are not going to let you buy something and p
  6. Same thing has happend to me this week. My score dropped by 75 pts. I called and was told that I was making partial payments because of Grad Choice payment option. In myfico, the "my financial future" tab shows that I should pay off the entire student loan first because it is now considered delinquent. I sent a fax requesting that Sallie Mae change the way it is being reported but since they are doing this to others, I fear that we are stuck with it. After a year of trying to improve my scores, I am right back where I started--all because of sallie mae. I have 2 years of perfect payment
  7. These cards report quickly and my score ding was more than overcome as soon as they reported with the lowering of my % useage. It was well worth the temporary drop in my case.
  8. I applied to HSBC after pre-approval and was denied. Reason--to many accounts with HSBC, I only have 1.
  9. It is so hard when family members fight aginst you when you are doing what is right for a sick/dying family member. I am sorry for your loss as well as your mistreatment. Prayers for you. Congratulations of paying off the bills.
  10. Years ago I had a Sears card when I filed BK. They claimed that it was a secured card, secured by the items that I had purchased. I could either return items or reaffirm card. Chose to reaffirm card since items included things that we needed for our home. Later a class action suit said the card was an unsecured debt. Sears paid us about $1000, and zeroed out the balance remaining on card (about $2000). After all was said and done, I pulled credit report to find that they had also reported a $2000 charge off. Fortunately it is gone now. My guess is that some day the clause listed above
  11. I got rid of a bunch of these disputing as "not mine." Do not know if this would make it more difficult to dispute later with obsolete or not. When I tried disputing as obsolete with Ex their asnswer was that accounts will automaticlly fall off after seven years.
  12. My last TU inq was 12/19. It seems to be trying to stick around. Last b** was late December.
  13. I did an online app last week and got the immediate response of too many open HSBC accounts. I only have 1.
  14. I am currently at 50.08% util. When current month's paments post I will be below the 50% mark. I know that this is one of the marks for score increase. How much did your score increase when dropping below 50% util. I will post my results as soon as I get notice that util has dropped.