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  1. I don't think anyone doubts the need for police... How about we start paying them more and at the same time raise the bar on the requirments for employment Unfortunately i did have a case of lead foot disease when i was younger (and dumber) but other than that i have always been a law abiding citizen myself, yet i was still pulled over for nothing many times too. but that is all irrelevant... even if a cop has a reason to stop you, even if you speed every day and you get pulled over every day, that does not give them the right to treat you any way they want
  2. it is 2 bills but OSI is reporting as one TL, but i believe both of these bills are from GHEP, and not the hospital i'll call them again and make sure to get a name and direct number if i can this time, i was actually going to write them hoping to get n actual response letter since they wont send me a letter when i call
  3. yep i am sending it to the VP of servicing listed on the site
  4. actually it's rare for a department to require a 4 year degree, a HS Diploma/GED is still the minimum for most departments http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2006-09-17-police-education_x.htm "Less than 5% of local police departments with more than 100 officers require four-year degrees" -Louis Mayo, executive director of the Police Association for College Education http://www.policejobsinfo.com/qual/ http://www.lacity.org/PER/recruit1.htm i could not find anything on it yet, but most requirements will usually say something nonspecific like "have not taken illegal drugs", but what they dont say outright, is that is usually only for a number of years, usually 1-5 yrs and these days it is closer to 1 yr in most departments.
  5. my only worry is that there is some sort of loophole that would allow them to contact the hospital since the service was allegedly perfomed there, even though they obtained the debt from the other company
  6. i have decided to retool and resend my letter i simplified it and at the same time tried to sound even more like a victim without being too whiney, i also dumbed it up a bit and tried to more clearly lay out my situation I'm also sending it to the VP of Servicing at the corporate address this time and only addressed to him not drive financial i sent my previous letter to drive financial at the billing address, and put attn: john smith i had been given the previous contact name from someone on this forum who said he was a VP, but i was unable to find his name associated with drive anywhere online ill post my results
  7. anyone have any info on the law for this, i really want to figure out if they can legally contact the hospital when the debt if from an outside physician billing service
  8. i asked for a letter and they said they would not do that, i was thinking about writing them a letter, and if they respond saying they did not have any record on file for me then i could use that
  9. this is a wierd situation they are reporting a $540 debt with GHEP (Greater Houston ER Physicians) as the OC, so i called GHEP and they informed me they have no record of my debt and that they do not keep records that old (5 yrs and past SOL) GHEP is a private physicians organization, not a hospital I DV's OSI 2 times for this and they sent me 2 bills from Bayshore Hospital and when i spoke to OSI on the phone they said they verified, so i asked who they verified with and they said Bayshore Hospital is this legal, can they verify with a third party, can they even request my info from a third party?
  10. these days if you have atleast a GED and havent smoked crack in the last 6 months your in
  11. i have been pulled over atleast 30 times in my life, mostly in my youth and i was always extremely respectful, and cooperative, and i was treated atleast as bad as this guy many times, i might have been treated decently 6 times, i was always shocked when they were professional i think young males always get it the worst
  12. i think this could be something they are doing to CSC people, maybe equifax cant calculate the score anymore for people in the CSC areas the website still offers score watch, but whne i log in i get the same messege from the email, yet i can still get unlimited credit reports from my other monthly service with them
  13. i dont *b* persay, but i do check my report 3-5 times a wk and this is not the credit watch, this is the score alert, they are 2 different services around $9 a mo each, they did not cancel my credit monitoring service, they just wont give me my score anymore
  14. got this email from them today: Dear Master Debator, This e-mail is to inform you that Score Watch is no longer able to score your credit file. We will automatically issue you a pro-rated refund. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused. Please call us at 1-877-47GUARD (1-877-474-8273), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may e-mail us anytime at gold.creditwatch@equifax.com. Or you may write us at Equifax Consumer Services, Inc. PO Box 105496, Atlanta, GA 30348. Regards, Your Equifax Customer Care Team
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