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  1. If someone has $20,000 in Credit Card debt at a 8.5% apr and only paying the minimum balace, would it be wise to take a $20,000 loan out at 12.25% and use this to pay the Credit Card off with since it has revolving debt?
  2. Do anyone know if Countrywide Bank is a good company to get a mortgage through???
  3. So if I have 1 collection of $550 from 2002 on my credit report can I still get approved for a VA loan.
  4. When applying for a mortgage what's the best score to get a prime mortgage rate?
  5. I recently got a collection notice about an old utility bill. I was wondering is this considered an promissary account, verbal account, or opened ended account for Statue of Limitation purposes?
  6. What would be the best course of action to take to remove these lates from report? Seven year payment history [?] 30 days late 0 times 60 days late 0 times 90+ days late 9 times (Nov 2003)
  7. How long does it takes TC to start b_mping inqs off credit report?
  8. I am just wondering how do you get a credit company to report you to all 3 bureaus. I know you can probably call but is there a sample letters floating around. If I can mail something?
  9. What you gonna do once you get all of the delinquent and derogatory accounts off you CR and always pay your bill before the due date, Pay off every balance on your CC and keep utilization under 10%, get every collection and inquiry deleted and Now you're with the big dogs as a member of the "700 and above" club?
  10. But would there be an inquiry on my credit report for getting added as an AU? Thanks for any and all reponses.
  11. TransUnion deleted a collection from my report. Equifax said it was verified. So what are my chances of disputing with equifax again and having this removed?
  12. Don't forget that TC issue you Fako scores. So they are gonna be slightly different than you fico scores which really counts.
  13. My wife has a couple of credit cards in which she is the primary owner that has been opened since 2001 in good status. If I call and asked to be a joint owner would this be an inquiry since they has to check my credit. And also would this boost my score?
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