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  1. I learned how to control myself and my spending, 5 years later I have a 765 FICO and all my cards are paid ontime. I do not apply for credit anymore, I have no inquiries. I do have some debt but I am paying more than the minimum every month and not using some cards, some have occasional use just to keep them open... I hope this inspires some of you, You can do it, keep it good and still have the life you want...
  2. Just checking in, it's been 5 years since my repair and new credit has been doing well. Checking in with some of the older members here and wondering how they are doing...
  3. LTNS my friend. good to see your doing well....
  4. I use Spybot and CCleaner, short for crap cleaner, it will fix your registry too, thats the best part, removing left over files after an uninstall.... JMHO8-)
  5. whocares


    Ok ya got me, whats a stickleback?
  6. Updating this thread...How is everyone doing?
  7. Updating this thread, I bought the house, closed in June, Put her up for sale last week...for 20,000.00 and it's under contract after only 8 days on the market...now thats a way to get a return on that investment...and really stretched the refund check...
  8. I have had target red card for 2 years now, 1000.00 limit...I don't think I need more than that...I have never been late carry a small balance most of the time and I shop there online often....I have not been offered the upgrade and my score is 730...Good Luck to ya!!!~
  9. I got laid off a few months ago and I noticed my Barkley Itunes visa rate was 22.74%. I carry a small 300.00 balance so I called and asked them to lower my rate and they did to 19.24% so it's better than nothing even on a small balance. Then I called Hooters and they said NO WAY are we lowering our rates...22.99% is a good rate...I laughed and said I only owe you 100.00 and I would like to pay this off now and close this account...and I did. I'm going to try a few more cards tomorrow, just for grins...Lower rates kept me a barkley customer....
  10. LOL it was too funny, from Sallie Mae...telling me I had overpaid my 100.000.00 in student loans and the inadvertantly charged me interest and additional fees...the check was for 2.65 I guess it's my money..,they said so, but I paid off my loans about 3 or 4 years ago...must be some kind of sign of things to come.
  11. Check the dell outlet, the printers have warrenties and start about 149.00, I prefer laser printers myself...Good Luck
  12. Do you have homeowners insurance? Maybe that would cover it? BTW anything you do is likely to change your relationship as well as the relationship they have with your children... I would tell him it would be ok to buff it out, and when he tries to maybe he will realize it is not possible, and how much damage he has caused.... Then take it somewhere to see it you can have it touched up, and never mention it again.
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