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  1. If no one is bothering you, then why pay at all, they will slowly die off themselves...they should all be SOL for Florida anyway...they can't collect them anymore but they can still report...any activity could cause a ripple in the water effect....I would let them lie and get a secured card with my money..build credit that way while they drop off, when they do you have good credit with the secured card and no bad marks...
  2. You don"t have to prove SOL, they have to prove it is collectable and not time barred...SOL is an affirmative defense to get a lawsuit dismissed... BTW SC is a community property state so her debt is your debt... DV them and hope they come up with reaging an account or something else you can fight...when they respond with details they will either have to FOAD or sue you, either way...they still need a DV to get the ball rolling. BTW the letter needs work...you need a clear dv letter with details, ansd a cease and desist letter as well as a FOAD letter if you are correct. Don't try to do it all at one time...great games become great games after thought and timed moves...Good Luck
  3. Sounds like phishing to me....how can it be in your report without a valid ss#...I would not send them anything...send then a DV letter and make them prove your the correct debtor I gave my SS# once to a CA, before I found this forum, to prove it was not mine and magically all the debts became mine....I had to go thru hell to prove it was not mine. So be careful and sidestep the issue, DV them and go thru the proven procedures found here on the forum...You will be better off JMHO
  4. Cancel their services! Take whatever money you've been paying them and apply it to a bill! I gurantee your true FICO credit scores will increase more rapidily than playing the bumpage game. Excellent advice WTC...
  5. EXCELLENT!!!! Welcome to the world again, you do not have to put your head in the sand, you can hold it up high... But with credit comes responsibility.....and looking back I think we are all responsible for the debt we hold ourselves and as a Nation... Now I am happy for your success...and for taking control back of your finances... Don't you feel sexy!!!!!
  6. Besdies CIC, email and ebay...I usually check out deal sites and shop.
  7. Well is Chase better? I don't know much about them? Prime or subprime?
  8. A dick does NOT make a man....And be happy it does not. My Hubby had a back problem and his shriveled away like a slim jim till his surgery...I loved him anyway and got pleasure from other things... Seriously...would your partner leave you if you lost the use of yours? Woman suffering breast cancer lose parts of themselves all the time and sometimes it is ok and sometimes it is not... Hubby says if they whacked his off, After suing he could afford another operation to have a new and bigger one made...
  9. Congrats on your smart decisions, I have been debt free for over 10 years and it's a great feeling... BTW you are not only saving gas costs, but insurance and maintence costs too... Good Luck8-)
  10. They should do like the state of Florida, any money an inmate recieves is charged against him, the state says it costs 50,000 a year to keep prisoners to in his 11 years he would own the state 550.000....
  11. I need some ideas... 13 yr old is getting a mini bike 500.00 and some small stuff. 22 year old is getting new welding clothes, 120.00 19 year old is getting a lump of coal...
  12. Looks alot like a Mustang to me...but cool car anyway...I'll stay with my caddy...
  13. Hane you tried compaining? Done properly in the form of a question? Like what is his job, Warcraft representive for the company? Could say more than just "he never works" But slackers slack no matter where they go...so just let him play on and do your job, You'll get noticed... Keep up the good work Girl!!!
  14. False....I'm the boss...no calling in for me. But a relaxing day including the hot tub and hubby might be nice TNP is waiting to hear good news.
  15. TNP: Used a credit card to buy a scrunchie! False....I put a credit card barette in my hair... TNP double dips chips!!!
  16. I'm doing well... I have the shop and it has it's ups and downs, so I'm glad I have my weekend job.. It provides me with many benefits like my 401k, and insurance. Besides a more stable income. I am getting the cards paid down, planning my Christmas very carefully... We plan to spend the winter fixing up our other house so we can sell it for big money in the spring, we should make a great profit... Things are working out, I plan on closing some cards after the first of the year and getting down to just 1 or 2 nice prime cards.
  17. My local bank is small and I prefer the service I get from the bank president, we talk all the time and he is interested in seeing my business survive. He has given me some advice and is always happy to see me...they do offer coffee and candy and last year out of the blue, they brought me a whole plate of homemade cookies and they were good, including a real fancy glass serving tray they brought them to me on...I like it. I do have accounts with WAMU and consider them a progressive bank...I liked the service and love the coffee idea.
  18. Back to topic.... heres my input, drop using the cards....using cash saves you so much more money. Don't refinance the debt. Don't take anymore loans. Pay more than the minimum every payment. Get a second job and devote the pay to your debt. get rid of any unnecessary expenses... YOU CAN DO THIS!!!
  19. Well IMHO Of it looks like SPAM, Smells like SPAM, and tastes like SPAM...it must be SPAM:BanHim:
  20. This scam has been well publicized the tip off is the western union payment please check this link http://www.budhibbs.com/debtcollectorpages/burak_donald_s_attorney_cmts.htm
  21. Very interesting article.... http://www.newsweek.com/id/157898/page/2
  22. I owned a mobile home in Michigan, my sister lived in it and then sold it. The purchasers were supposed to pay the home off in a lump sum of 5000.00. My sister signed over the title so they could move in to the park trusting them to pay it off...these were her best friends kids and she moved to Florida. The hand written contract states they could pay 100.00 a month until it was paid off, no specific date. The purchasers did pay 100.00 a month for about 14 months and then in Feb 2008 stopped paying. I have tried calling and writing them in an attempt to get a payment. they owe 3600 to me right now. I do not wish to get the mobile home back. I do not want property in Michigan nor do I want the responsibility of lot rent if they default with the park. I want to get a judgement and garnishement against them. I know the max I can sue them for in small claims is 3000, so I'm willing to give them a break if they will just pay me what they owe me... I am going to use the contract and the payments as evidence of the debt...what else do I need to do? Do I need to notify them before I file, I am having my mom do the leg work for now and I will be there for court, unless we can do this without me being present.
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