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  1. I am going to try to save 5000.00 dollars this year...So it's convienient, they can automatically transfer funds for me...BTW I like the new picture, Your so cute!!!
  2. Hows everyone doing on their goals????
  3. This TV had a picture issue, on the circuit board... I could try fixing your TV, but most of the time it is true, not worth fixing when you have to pay big bucks for a new LCD...
  4. Your baddies may be dropping off, You may have been automatically approved because your a teamster. Either way, Good luck and don't spend it all in one place...
  5. Heres a few suggestions I have.... Try getting a secured card, Like Orchard or the 99/500 card from BOA The orchard card does not report as secured and is a good starting point. First Premier CC with a $350 limit and a Legacy CC with a $350 limit. These scream rebuilding dump them both ASAP... I would agree about keeping inquiries low and maybe try doe a store card like Target, they up the CL pretty good, at least for me they did.. Keep everything tight and you'll be fine... Good Luck:wink:
  6. All the information you need is located on this forum, Do your homework... What works for one may not work for others, each case is different... Check the SOL for your state, some of the debts may be uncollectable... Try DV's and don't expect it to work overnight, these things take time. Good Luck
  7. I now have 2 HSBC cards, and HSBC has been good to me, But a cash back card is great...my other card is 13.99 APR I don't know about the new one yet, but I will transfer that balance at 0%... Glad to be leaving WAMU/CHASE
  8. Ok heres the scoop, I applied at HSBC and got a cash back card with a 4000.00 limit and no interest on transfers for 12 months, I am DONE with WAMU/CHASE8-)
  9. Well I am going to check around for a balance transfer for this card, I have about 1000.00 in medical bills on it and I did not like being blindsided by CHASE...
  10. I just recieved a letter from Chase, my WAMU card is going to 27% interest or 22% + prime whatever is higher I guess I will be closing that card...
  11. Just a little journey into new things... I just fixed my frst Flat panel TV, I wanted to look inside one but hubby said I could not tear our new one apart... So a customer brought one in and I fixed it...YAY!!!
  12. Gee I have been so pleased with this thread... Congrats of getting rid of debt!!!
  13. Yep I Have to agree,,,,
  14. Thank you very much for that message and for this forum...
  15. NO wonder your taken!!! I will post about my valentines later....
  16. Happy Valentines Day!!!!!
  17. In you new letter to TU, be very specific as to whats wrong, don't just say "This is wrong" Say something like this account is listed 2 times. The account is incorrect, I always send a copy of the report with the items I wanted removed highighted. It made it easier for me to see what I was talking about, and if your disputing more than 1 thing, highlight in 2 different colors. Good luck to you
  18. Wow everyone is doing so well!!! I am proud of all of you... Live to be DEBT FREE
  19. I think I did ok with her.... Heres what I got, not a powerhouse but enough for me Old HP Pavillion 2200 Windows XP AMD 1300 MHZ Processor 40 GB hard drive 512 Memory wireless Price 1200.00, 900.00 after rebate 5 years ago New Acer Windows Vista AMD 2200 Processor 120 GB Hard Drive 3 Gig Memory wireless Price 348.00 WHOOOOOOOOOO I am setting her to boot from my old laptop drive so I don't lose all my programs and info, I'll let ya know if this works
  20. Ok I finally bought a new LAPTOP!!! Old one is about 5 years old and was 1200 new... Wow I got so much more for 350.00...yes I got vista, but I'll set her to dual boot. Anyway it felt good to PAY CASH, I had been saving for awhile.
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