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  1. This occured to me...the soft pulls companies make to offer you credit, are these creating bumps and when I opted out did it stop? Is it the same as a hard pull, will the soft pulls actually make the hard pulls bump off? they seem to be listed in 2 different places on my reports and I need clairification, Thanks
  2. I am still getting all of these preapproved offers even , I almost never even look at them, well since finding this forum I decided to look and Guess what I found offer was from first premier Platnium card 9.9 APR, Then I read the small print ...Fees for Issuance of card Account set up fee 29.00, Program fee 95.00 both 1 time Annual fee 48.00, prticipation fee 72.00 annually and additional card fee 20.00 Minimnum credit offered 250.00, balance available at the signing of the card will be 72.00.... ARE THEY NUTS!!! I also read Other fees Increasing credit limit 25.00, copying fees 3.00, Internet access fees 3.95, autodrafts 11.00 each and if requested theu automated service and additional 7.00 fee... I must look desperate to then, But I am not dumb
  3. I just need to wait till the reports come, I sent away for them as it could not be verified online.... I did finally get one of Hubbys and it's not that bad....he has some charge off's showing and one is expected to drop off this month...But he has NO CREDIT at all...should we apply for a secure card for him? Thanks for all the help and advice...
  4. Hi I' m afraid to see my credit report, I feel like I heel when I see some of the dumb debt. I know some of it could not be helped... I need the courage to look at the reports and do something about them when they come. I have not drawn a paid fico score yet...another fear. I am afraid I will wake the bill collectors...I'm afraid to get more credit..... Anyone else?
  5. I just checked experian and my good loans are all gone, the student loans and my other paid credit card....The bad ones remain....wonder why...I'll check again in a few days
  6. I lived in another state for 5 years before moving in aug 2005, had my phone will bellsouth and long distance with sprint. When I was ready to move as we sold the house..we had the phone turned off...Sprint continued to bill my account for the minimum usage charge like 15.00, this continued until October when I notified the bank they had not right to collect as the phone was off...I did try and call sprint when I moved, and could get a person or never get one so I had not choice too stop the billing but ending it with the bank fast forward to now, The credit report says I owe them 115.00 for unpaid long distance service, The phone was turned off timely by Bellsouth and all the bills were paid Can I try and get Bellsouth to send me a final bill stating the account closed and ended and send it to the CA or to the CRA In all actuallity Sprint owes ME money for the over billing I did not stop until October...what would you do?
  7. I have a few on the reports that say I live in the wrong state, it says Texas, I live in Kansas, never lived in Texas can I dispute this with the CRA? saying Not Mine or incorrect information? One report has XXXX amount, the other report has same company with a different amount, different LPD. Same original creditor and same time frame just months off in LPD Another item says I owe a city I never lived in...I owned a house there and the tenants did not pay the bill. I did when I was contacted, but it has been on my credit even though it was paid right away...I disputed this online What kind of errors am I looking for? Should I tell them what the error is? and can they just correct and resubmit them? We are not talking alot of money here...I just want to do this as fast as possible
  8. But heres another question, it says 3 lates in the last 42 months, will these drop off at least wehn we get further away? and will the comments stay? Thanks
  9. I have an orchard bank secured card, never late in 4 years, but still secured, they have never offered me an unsecured. 500 limit 450 balance, I occasionly pay this off...but keep using the card I have an open silhouettes card, never used with 250 unsecured limit, shows as open since 2005 and pays as agreed. but so far looks like orchard has posted positive in 2 bureaus, the other only 1 I will wait till I get the CR in the mail...Thanks
  10. You have been very helpful to me...I'm still riding my training wheels, But'll get it... So that is why people want to know what cards use what bureau? so you can get the best report possible when a certain agency is used? Just makes me wonder, why report the bad too all agencies and not the good? and how does the breakdown of all 3 effect the FICO? I did notice a difference in the dates on the different reports, I just have to wait till all 3 come in the mail to get a plan together...until then I'll be reading this forum...Thanks again
  11. I had 2 student loans, one for 1300.00 and one for 900.00. I got behind with them in 2003 after I got in an auto accident, I thought I was in forbearance or deferred and I may have been...it says I was 120 days late in the last 42 months on the credit reports and they report the loan as paid off. I did resume payments shortly after I went back to work. I did take my time to pay them off as I needed the good payment history..I paid the last payment Dec 2006. Now shows paid off in full, but the lates are negetives and they payoffs are in the positive rating Can I get them to remove the lates now that they have had over 24 months of payments to complete the payoff? If I can do it how should I? Should I try calling or go thru the CRA? Thanks
  12. Transunion only has one account in good standing for me, Experian has 4 including my student loans, all paid why would these be different, They both have the same collections listed and expiring at different times. Thanks for the help
  13. I don't work for anyone and the shop is not showing a good profit yet, it's paying it's own bills, but not enough to live off....Been in business almost 2 years. Hubby works but make a little over minimum, so I can't apply for too much as he makes just enough to pay the monthly bills. Without any extra credit bills or payments. Insurance for all these are driving me crazy cause I pay so much at a time...
  14. If not I may try it after I get my reports in order, But I hate to put my houses on the line, Just in case something happens to hubby... heres what I Own now 1 mobile home in Ft Myers Fl, home n lot worth 155,000.00 rented to my sister 1 Mobile Home In Michigan, Private Park no land, 4,000 being sold thru us, private payments 1 Mobile home here in Kansas 4900.00 in park not rented costing me 100.00 a month for lot rent 1 Fixxer upper 3 bedroom home on land, valued at 12,000.00 empty but still getting fixed The House I live in 5 bedroom victorian in the country 189,000.00 My Computer Repair Shop, Building is valued at 300,000.00, inventory at 160,000 I own everything, no financing at all....I just want open lines of credit so it looks good...I don't intend to use them but a few times, get a payment history going then close, I don't think thats possible with a HELOC is it?
  15. I had to mail off for my reports, could not get them all online, so whe I get them then I'll have a better idea where to go I will then sign up for a service...no need to yet...can't tell if I need one. as far as inquiries I have 3 on my history for the last 2 years, most was recent cause I was going to borrow money to remodel my shop... I'm excited about my credit for the first time in a long time, I am 42 years old and in great shape financially with my house and shops and no monthly payments...I would like lower insurance rates. I'm not planning any major purchases either...I have a job, a car, a house, furniture everything I want now... I'm working on hubbys credit too, as I don't think he has any at all... Thanks for all the help and advice
  16. heres my thing, I have a few negs that will expire soon, just started disputing things as I did not know you could dispute them, Going to try getting the 6 bad things deleted, nothing much besides the student loans, a left over water bill from a tenant, and since I never lived in that house I claimed not mine...I did pay it becuase the tenant did not and it was the only way to get the water back on for the new tenants.... I'm just starting on this repair road...I do own more than the shop, total net worth is over 750,000.00 but I have no history with anyone, so I don't want to get into debt, Cash has been the way for me to go so far...I just want better credit so If I do want a new car or something I can get it.... I'm afraid of capital one, they send the preapproved stuff all the time as well as many other companies...I'm just afarid of sub-prime right now and having too many inquiries. Thanks for the input.
  17. The account was paid off dec 2006, I could have paid off earlier, but wanted a paying history...I don't know what my real credit looks like cause I could not get thru online....so I mailed off for reports today. My big question is, how much does credit have to do with assets? I have my own business, estimated worth 300.000.00, I don't owe one penny on my shop or inventory. I own 5 homes and am debt free...not even car payments so why after 4 years do I still only have a 500.00 secured credit card with orchard bank...never late with orchard...
  18. I have had mine 4 years, CR says no lates 500.00 balance always paid on time...when do I get it unsecured, cause they told me they did not do that? Thanks
  19. This is in my file SALLIE MAE SERVICING Account Number: .... DateOpened: 09/1999 Status: Paid,Closed/Current, was past due 120 days. NOV 2003 SALLIE MAE SERVICING Account Number: .... DateOpened: 09/1999 Status: Paid,Closed/Current, was past due 120 days. NOV 2003 It was in November 2003, it shows me not late after that, will this late drop off in november of this year? Ok heres what I am asking, in november this year, 4 years later...will this show as always paid on time for my past 4 year history? I can't tell becuase the other reports from my student loans are like this: SALLIE MAE SERVICING Account Number: ......./ Date Opened: 09/1999 Status: Transferred,closed/Never late. SALLIE MAE SERVICING Account Number: ......./ Date Opened: 09/1999 Status: Transferred,closed/Never late. The accounts were actaully transferred to the good srtanding accounts, if these just clear up in November of this year, I will just forget trying to remove them, if not do I need to dispute them as they are the same debt that was paid off in good standing? Thanks for the help...
  20. Ok I'm new...see the dunce cap...why do I need a credit monitoring service and what one do you recommend? Also I can't get into experian, They asked questions I did not know the answer to? Do you think they have me confused with someone else? Thanks
  21. I'm peddeling as fast as I can, my credit is not too bad, but it's not too good either, I want to make it great in a year, is that possible? Thanks
  22. Hi everyone been lurking for awhile and finally took the plunge, I am wondering why citicorp and capital1 keep inquiring about my credit, month after month both are listed in my report? " The companies listed below received your name, address and other limited information about you so they could make a firm offer of credit or insurance. They did not receive your full credit report. These inquiries are not seen by anyone but you and do not affect your credit score." CAPITAL ONE SERVICES POB 30281 SALT LAKE CITY , UT 84130-0281 (800) 955-7070 Requested On: 03/2007 CAPITAL ONE SERVICES POB 30281 SALT LAKE CITY , UT 84130-0281 (800) 955-7070 Requested On: 02/2007 CITIFINANCIAL POB 499 HANOVER , MD 21076 (800) 352-6070 Requested On: 01/2007 CAPITAL ONE SERVICES POB 30281 SALT LAKE CITY , UT 84130-0281 (800) 955-7070 Requested On: 12/2006 CAPITAL ONE SERVICES POB 30281 SALT LAKE CITY , UT 84130-0281 (800) 955-7070 Requested On: 11/2006 CITI CARDS CBSD POB 6241 SIOUX FALLS , SD 57117 (800) 950-5118 Requested On: 10/2006 CAPITAL ONE SERVICES POB 30281 SALT LAKE CITY , UT 84130-0281 (800) 955-7070 Requested On: 09/2006 CITIBANK NA PO BOX 6241 SIOUX FALLS , SD 57117-6241 Phone number not available Requested On: 09/2006 BARCLAYS BANK DELAWARE 125 SOUTH WEST STR WILMINGTON , DE 19801 (866) 419-0881 Requested On: 08/2006 CAPITAL ONE SERVICES POB 30281 SALT LAKE CITY , UT 84130-0281 (800) 955-7070 Requested On: 08/2006 FIRST NATIONAL CREDIT CA 500 E 60th St N SIOUX FALLS , SD 57104 (605) 782-3459 Requested On: 07/2006 BANK OF AMERICA 4060 OGLETOWN STAN DE5-019-03-07 NEWARK , DE 19713 (800) 362-6299 Requested On: 07/2006 CAPITAL ONE SERVICES POB 30281 SALT LAKE CITY , UT 84130-0281 (800) 955-7070 Requested On: 07/2006 CAPITAL ONE SERVICES POB 30281 SALT LAKE CITY , UT 84130-0281 (800) 955-7070 Requested On: 06/2006 CITIFINANCIAL POB 499 HANOVER , MD 21076 (800) 352-6070 Requested On: 06/2006 AEGON / PEOPLES BENEFIT 20 MOORES ROAD VALLEY FORGE , PA 19493 (800) 523-7900 Requested On: 07/2005 Do these really affect my score or not? I am not seeking credit from anyone, Thanks
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