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  1. :-x:-xReceived a letter in the mail today from Chase, says "After careful consideration, we have decided to close the above noted account for the following pricipal reason(s)" -Total available credit on bankcards is too low -Average length of time since bankcard(s) opening is too short -Too few accounts paid as agreed compared to total accounts I'm soooo ticked off rigth now!!!!:mad: This was a WAMU account that was changed over, I had a limit of $3000.00 with a $0 balance. This is total garbage, I finally get all of my scores (true Fico's) over 700 and now this. No lates in over four years, always pay more than the minimum balance on all accounts. I spoke to a customer service rep who I could bareley understand so I asked to speak to someone in the states at which point I get disconnected. Unbelievable!!!! I obtain a free copy of my experiain report and the only thing on there thats new is an inquiry from B of A because my wife and I applied for a morgtgage through them. I'm too angry right now to call them back so Im going to wait until tomorrow. Sorry for the rant just had to vent a little.
  2. Thanks for all of the replys, you guys are great.
  3. Should inspections on a home take place before or after contracts? -Thanks
  4. First off I just want to say thanks for all of the replies; this site is truly a God send. I purchased a new truck recently, (received a great % rate) all was well until 3 days ago when I get a call from my credit union telling me they are not able to send payment to the dealership because of a bank hold placed on my account by this attorney’s office. That’s why I needed to pay this debt ASAP. I have an EQ report that states the DOLA on this account was 7/2003 and the DOFD was 2/2004, hope that clears up some of the confusion. When I went in to make the payment yesterday morning, the representative I dealt with called me an hour after I made payment. She told me that the attorneys would vacate the judgment now that the debt was paid in full. But now I’m a little confused, I know that there is a judgment against me, but its never reported on any of my credit reports. This is my only derogatory and its really effecting my scores, do you guys think I have a chance at getting this deleted from my credit reports? Thanks in advance. -Tom
  5. Sorry I should have been more specific. The account went to collections, which then whent to the attorney's office of Mel S. Harris who got a default judgement against me. The funny thing is, the judgement does not show up on any of my credit reports. I know for a fact one does exist because I checked the county clerk's website and there is one on file. They also froze one of my bank accounts. Another thing I forgot to mention in my first post is that, I made a payment to them for half of the ammount back in 2005. The reason why I stated 5 years is because I had a state tax lein that was paid and is set to come off of my reports at the 5 year mark, So I assumed judgements were the same. They can't sue me after the debt is paid in full, can they? No matter what the outcome is I'm going to pay this debt off tomorrow. I just wanted to get an Idea of when this thing will come off my credit reports. Any feedback would be very much appreciated. Thank you Debtorshusband and Princessamy for responding before.
  6. Hello all. I have a charge off account with CapOne that is in the office of Mel S. Harris for collection. The date of last activity on the account is dated 7/2003. My question is, if I pay tomorrow, will the charge off be removed from my reports 5 years from the date of last activity which would be 7/2008, or will it be reported as a paid charge off for 5 more years from the date of payment. I hope this post made sense. By the way I live in NYS, thanks in advance. -Tom.
  7. Thanks LadynRed I appreciate it. I'll make arangements first thing tomorrow morning. Edwin and Razr thanks to you guys as well.
  8. I thinking about an ING account the interest is much higher.
  9. Hello all, I would first like to say this is a great site, a lot of good info on here. I was hopping someone could shed some light or lead me in the right direction. I just received a letter today from my credit union stating that there was a hold placed on my account. The hold was from an attorney’s office (Mel S. Harris) who claims to represent Crap One. I had a CC with Crap One back in ’01 with a limit of $300.00. Ultimately the account was charged off with a balance of $805.00.(late fees & interest) About a year and a half ago this same attorney’s office placed a hold on my B of A checking account for $1190.00 times two. I was told by my bank, when a hold is placed on your account, the amount that you owe shows up on your statement doubled. In order for the hold to be released I had to make a payment to this attorney’s office for $500.00 then making $50.00 monthly payments until the balance was paid off. After two monthly payments I stopped paying them because I didn’t think that I should have to pay them late and interest fees for a CC with a $300.00limit. I know irresponsible on my part, but these people weren’t the nicest people to deal with. As of today the balance is back up to $1190.43. Today I contacted a customer service rep from B of A to see if another hold had been placed on this account, they informed me that there wasn’t one, so I emptied my savings and transferred everything in my fiancés account. My questions are can these guys place a hold on the same account twice? Do the payments I made a year and a half ago reset SOL? What do I need to do to deal with these guys? Oh yeah the judgment against me by them is filed with the local court, but does not show up on any of my credit reports. The negative TL from Crap One does show up. As of now this is the only delinquent account I have on my credit reports, everything else is in good standing. I really want to clear this up but I don’t want to pay them one cent of my hard earned money. Thanks in advance, your help is very much appreciated. My FICO scores: EQ=647 EX=629 TU=636
  10. When you recieved that message did it say "After careful review of your application, we are unable to approve your request for credit at this time, you will recieve a letter in 7-10 business days regarding our decision"? If so that's the message I recived after I applied and I take that as a denial, please tell me different.. If that was a denial message how much do you think this inquery will hurt my scores? My FAKO scores: TU: 564 EX: 565 EQ: 546 My FICO scores: TU: 634 EX: 615 EQ: 641
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