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  1. Well thank you so much for your answers. I could not find any law either other than to tell him to stop and if he does not then get a restraining harrassment order... which is crazy to even consider needing that kind of backup. I was really hoping there was some other kind of law, but I understood it as you are stating. Thank you so much for clarifying.
  2. The him/he is a private party.. the original creditor who we contracted with. Does that still protect us under the FDCPA? Thank you.
  3. To explain the situation: I was in a contract for deed. Last summer, my ex and I broke up and he chose to keep the house and I moved out. Payments continued to be paid. We escrowed taxes to him and come the renewal of our contract, we were notified that our taxes were delinquent and the county would sue for that. I contacted the person and he said that we could pay the taxes instead of mtg for the month following our expired contract. He would not renew the contract under previous agreements and we debated this for months. I just received an email at my WORK, place of employment... I did not provide this to him, as I did not even know the direct email. I believe he would be considered the creditor. I work at a home mtg company and should not be receiving threats of foreclosure at work. We are specifically told not to provide our emails to personal contacts, with exception of a limited bases. He received my email contact from the wife of a fellow employee, as well as my new home and cell phone numbers. There is no directory with my contact info in it. I am afraid that I will start receiving phone calls at work as he informed my ex that he could get that phone number easily. It appears to me that the definition of a debt collector under FDCPA excludes him as an officer or creditor, which permits him to do this to collect the debt. What can I do immediately to prevent further contacts at my place of employment, which could certainly cost me my job. The email clearly states that : "He (his attorney) suggested that I send you an email to an email address that I absolutely, positively knew you would see, so I am using your work email. " Again... I did not provide him this information, but a third party did. I am a temp at this new job so it is a risky situation. What are my rights? Could you please point me to that law so that I may present it to the attorney I may have to get? What do you suggest I do? Thank you SOOOO much!
  4. If I were you, my next step would be to write the OC. I don't know where bureau verified, but I will guess it was EX. So write the OC and ask them to investigate now that they have verified.
  5. I filed a complaint with each of those companies. The Attorney general of my state and theirs (IL). It is procedure for those companies to contact them and inquire about the complaint. In my complaint I mentioned that I sent a timely DV (within 30 days of the initial letter) and they CHOSE to report to my credit bureau. To the AG, I sent proof. From TrueCredit (TC) I get alerts and I sent each of those with the complaint. I did not sent anything further to AFNI, because I know those companies will contact them. I was going to wait until the 30 days to respond to my letter had passed, and when I sent the 2nd DV, it would have included an ITS, copies of the complaints and demand for deletion because they had already violated. Does that help to clarify?
  6. I will look for it, but I want to say that MINE was for an MCI account. My DB's I have been fighting for over a year is a Sprint. They still remain. We filed lawsuit this past Monday on it. I don't know if the quality of records kept from the OC matter. But we still have had no fun with Sprint being the OC. I am pretty sure I just used the basis of a letter from the CIC E Book. Being timely, I really did not care what it said. I think it was the BBB, FTC, and AG that made the difference. The 30 days since they signed DV number one doesn't even expire until Aug. 1., but they inserted onto the credit as recently as a few days ago. In addition, my DV was timely. My DF never received a notice. To clarify what we are suing for on the Sprint is not the timely validation... we included that as extra to try, but they reported two tradelines all with different information at one time. It was also listed specifically as a foreclosure on his credit report which got him denied for a car loan.
  7. Well something worked because MINE are GONE too.
  8. Which one verified? Is the debt with the OC or a CA? How old is the debt?
  9. And just like that.... few days later.... poof... they are GONE from ALL THREE. Maybe it was my persistance... maybe it is the lawsuit from the AG of my state... But frankly, who cares... they are gone.
  10. That is so wonderful! I can ONLY IMAGINE how empowered you feel to know enough to stand up for your rights and have such an outcome. Would you be kind enough to post the link to the thread that gave you such power.
  11. Nascar, That is kind of my point. With Identity Fraud on the rise is in only fair in some cases that signature MUST be provided. I believe that with validation, it would be a case by case point, even if there were caselaw. For example. If I received a phone bill for a place I used to live at, the dates, times, etc all make sense and remind me of this bill, I, personally, would find that to be validation. If I had a credit card coming after me, that was opened for a little over a year, I receive a statement, but it doesn't ring a bell, that would not be validation. I would request more. I could ver well find in this case that someone else paid the bill for a short while, but they had opening it in my name. We might need a signature or even more (who sent the checks in) to prove it. But, as far as validation on a DV. I believe it is up to the debtor and how far they want to push it. The_darkside.... are you trying to get proof that it was yours? If you got a statement that makes you question... write the cable company and inquire. Maybe the billing is incorrect. I have had that happen before and with enough fussing, they fixed it. As far as my person definition of validation... in my situation, I am in a position I am trying to clean up my credit from divorce to save the house. When we seperated, he left me wtih $7 and I was the housewife. Financially and on my credit, that hurt. But to save this house, I must clean it up. A year ago there were discussions on this very point and I chose to push for a signature. By pushing for more in validation, reporting to BBB, FTC, and AG and PERSISTENCY, I got ALL of those tradelines removed. Would it stand up in court? Who knows, but what do I care if they are off my credit now, which was the original goal. If a person pushes it and the CA does not like it and takes them to court... I believe they were headed there anyway if they will not pay the debt. Sometimes court is the way to sort it out. Sometimes not. But we each have our own opinion there and the opportunity to make that choice. What is awesome about this group is that when a person puts a question out there, you can get so many answers. I recently did and I have seen that question posted a million times before. But, sure enough, as answers I already knew piled in... so did that ONE suggestion I needed to help me think outside the box and move forward. Now, I now longer felt trapped by the answers I already knew, but renewed by a fresh idea (to me).
  12. I think WTC is correct. At worst, you might have to pay a deposit. Since you are discharged, some companies find it more secure because you can't file again for a long time.
  13. This is kind of cool. I am meeting with someone from his office this week since he is in MN.
  14. Wow impressive. Seems to be a lot of increasing going around.
  15. LMAO, I remember that too. The dust settled when they said something about them catching on fire easily or something. I was just a kid and JUST wanted my darn CPK!. LOL
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