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  1. Glad I found this. We disputed a Verizon account on my hubby's report. They verified. Problem is they are showing $220 charged off on his report, when infact they took that amount off of the account for overcharges. (Long story, but they sent us a phone with a long distance number that no one would even call us at) He just disputed again so we will see where this goes.
  2. Thanks for the info, I knew there had to be some law about it somewhere. I think I'm still a little timid about the whole process.
  3. Not that I know of. Like I said for two of them I was able to obtain with the website, but the other just said that they would mail it to me and then didn't. They asked me a security question that in their opinion must've been wrong (it was about a morgage and I don't have one), after that question they said they were unable to let me view it via the net so they'd send it to my addy. I then asked all three to mail me copies and my husband his also, only the one did and only for me.
  4. I started the process of repair and first off went to to see my reports. EX would not let me see my report, they said they would mail it. Long story short- they didn't. Infact I wrote letters to all 3 cra's asking for copies of my reports and my husbands. I should've gotten 6 total right? No. In 2 months I received my EQ and that was it. Has anyone else had this problem? What is the right thing to do in this case, just keep asking? Also, I noticed on my hubby's report that there was a Verizon account showing not paid since 2004. I tried to dispute it online and it came back verified. I then called Verizon. They said it was indeed his account. I pointed out that they haven't sent us a bill since the time it happened, and the girl just said "Oh". Is there a limit of time that companies have in sending a bill, or is it still legally owed even if in 3 years we didn't even know it existed? We live in Ohio.
  5. Thank you for the answer! I've been stressing over this as we HAVE to get the rental. Avis is another that pulls a report incase people were wondering.
  6. I am renting a car this weekend, upon confirming my reservation they told me since I am using a debit that they will do an Eq credit check. My question is, what kind of score are they looking for? My credit is crap, I'm doing a repair right now but it's still not over 600. I asked them what number they are looking for and they said they can't say.
  7. I settled with Discover last year for $5400 on a $16000 account- $4000 of that was late fees/interest/over the limit fees. Don't ask me how this happened, they never even threatened with a suit. They called one day and I asked what the lowest amount was they could do if I paid in one lump and they gave me that total so I did it. A friend of mine had her bank accounts frozen by Discover and so I was expecting the worst when it came to dealing with them but it didn't end up that way. Good luck!
  8. I settled 3 CapOne accounts, 2 that were mine and 1 that was my husbands. I got them to agree to 40% on one (working thru them directly), 60% on another (negotiated thru a CA), and the third I was actually sued on but SETTLED even after they received a lien judgment. The original amount owed on that one was $1500, after letting it sit for years before going on with the lawsuit it was right around $5000 when I gave them a call. I explained my situation and how I was treated by the last rep I'd spoken to (over a year before) and this new rep asked what I could settle for. Knowing very well that a settlement offer on a judgment was unusual I asked what she was looking at- and I told her I would make the payment in one lump sum. She asked if I could do $2000 and I jumped on it. My advice for anyone who wants to settle is to ask the cc or ca what they can offer if the payment is sent in a lump sum, CapOne was easy to work with- it was the ca's I always had problems with.
  9. New news on this- I offered the original amount and the rep I was speaking to told me to call back in a week, I did and he said that the lawyers declined and wanted the entire amount. I then spoke to my lawyer who said that the lien did follow me because of the way my dad left the properties to me but that I had numerous things I could challenge with. Anyhow I called the lawyer's office back and made one more offer adding $1000 on to the original lawsuit amount, the rep (a different one) told me to call back the next day. I did and he said that they wanted $8500 (my offer was $4000). Called my lawyer back and he is going to write them a letter- the summons was sent to my dad back in 2005 but they sent it to my house not his, that combined with several other blunders on the part of the lawyers could possibly get this settled. In the least I think I'm looking at paying a lot less than $8500. I really just want this to be over, after losing my dad and then the domino effect of bad crap that has happened to me in the 4 months since I don't think I can handle much more stress. Thanks for your help everyone!
  10. Yep you are correct, I don't have any proof that I returned the phone. The records of me calling to report to them that I had no service in my area and would be sending the phone back of course disappeared. Thank you for the advice, I'm new at all of this!
  11. Thanks I will. To answer your question, we didn't open an estate because he didn't want us to have to pay a lawyer. He split everything pretty evenly between my sister and I- one cd each (left pod), a savings and a checking (left pod), stocks (went to her, tod), and the houses (tod to me). Also there was a lake house that I was already listed with him on the deed. It wasn't like he had a hundred thousand in the bank, most of what he left us cash-wise was life insurance money. Even that wasn't a lot after paying off his medical bills, funeral expenses, etc...and he knew the rest of the cash he was leaving I would need to maintain the properties (taxes, insurance, etc...) until I could add the addition on to one of them and then sell the other. With the news of this lien I can't get a loan (we think) to do the addition, and this stupid lawyer's office already threatened me with foreclosing on at least one of the houses to get the money.
  12. I am at the beginning stages of credit repair, I found on my reports an account that is in collections from Sprint. It is for a cell phone that I had from them for 4 days and then sent back because there was no service in my area. We didn't get a bill for this until months later- Sprint said we didn't return the phone within the 14 day limit. The phone was sent back to them in the box they provided which was 2 day mail. I called them and they decided to take off 75% of the bill immediately, what this told me was that they knew they were in the wrong. I said I wasn't paying a dime. This has now went on for over 4 years, they've lowered the amount and now only want $75 (down from the over $400 they asked for originally). I haven't paid because of the entire principal of the thing. What is the best advice for something like this? I refuse to pay them and I want it off of my reports.
  13. Thanks for the replies. All the letter says is that it is a reminder that the law firm filed a judgment lien on the real estate to secure their client's interest as a result of the judgment rendered on February 14, 2006. When I contacted the court house they said it was in the amount of $2969 plus court costs and interest at 18.99%, she also said that the first judgment was in 2005 with the lien being added in 2006. My father's lawyer did contact me today and I've set up a meeting to speak with him next week. His secretary said that the lawyer was under the impression that this debt is not my problem and that when my father passed that was the end of it. We shall see. At any rate, people are sued here in the common pleas court instead of municipal. Our town has a set rate of interest that credit card companies can sue for, it is around 7%. The mc judge upholds that, the cp judge does not and doesn't hear any case involving people being sued by cc companies. Hopefully everything will work out positive with this, after losing someone and then trying to do the right thing by paying on the debt I had as a result of quitting my job to take care of my father it's been a very very stressful year.
  14. My father passed away in March of this year, he left everything to me either TOD, POD, or we were joint on his accounts. He also had a judicial lien that was placed on his properties in February of 2006 which I wasn't aware of. At that time he owed around $2900, that sum is now well over $9000. The properties are now in my name, I wasn't made aware of the lien until last Friday when I received a letter from Cheek and Zeehandelar informing my father that the lien was intact (they didn't know he had passed). They are working on behalf of Ohio Receivables and they were working for Household Bank. They claim that letters were sent out numerous times since the lien went through, I took care of all of my father's mail and never once saw anything come in. I called our court house today and they confirmed the lien was in place, I then called Cheek and Zeehandelar and spoke to a rep there. I told them I wasn't made aware of this lien and the properties had been transferred. I asked which property this was on and they stated ALL OF THEM. What do I do now? I offered to pay them the original amount that they sued for, the rep told me he would have to "take it to the lawyers" and see if they would clear that but normally they would settle for 60% (and to call back in a week to see what they said). I was intending on selling one of the homes simply because I don't need it, I am also in the middle of repairing my credit by using a morgage company who is attempting to repair my report. My plan was to repair my credit, get a loan to fix up our old family home to live there and then sell the other home my dad left me to pay off the loan. It seems I can't sell the house now because of the lien. Any help would be appreciated, I'm sorry this was long winded but I'm quite stressed at this time.