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  1. When you're looking at your credit report on true credit, look over on the right hand side and you will see a link that says "update report." Click it and it will ask you if you're sure and then you will have to retype the numbers that appear, click update and there ya go! You can do it once every 24 hours.
  2. Thanks! Between my credit repair and my new savings account, I'm starting to feel like a responsible adult! It's about time!
  3. I seriously love this site. I found this site last April when I was pulled my credit reports for the first time and became so overwhelmed with what I saw. I haven't posted a lot here, but I've read, read and read some more. I've written letters, practically lived at the post office and now have a bulging file dedicated to my credit repair. Since starting out here I have: -Removed 2 collection agencies -Gotten late payments removed via GW letters from Great Lakes (believe it or not, they removed a 90 days late) & my Express store card -Removed the insanely inaccurate payment history of Duquesne Light company -And gotten some new credit: $1,500 Crown Jewelers, $500 Target, $2,500 Hooters, $200 Old Navy and $500 Walmart. My negatives are down to 2 credit card charge-offs, which aren't going anywhere for awhile. I'll be purchasing FICOs at the start of the year and otherwise just letting my current new TLs age. My husband & I hope to buy a house (eventually) so I'm going to start repairing his credit in a couple of months (I need a break from the postoffice for a bit). Thanks for all of the helpful information on this site and thanks to everyone who answered my questions!
  4. First time I tried online & was denied. Waited about a month and reapplied online & got approved. I was/am too much of a chicken to apply in person. I don't want the face to face denial!
  5. Me too! Me too! I got my card at the end of August & was so happy to see the increase to $500! I had been using my card weekly and then paying it off before the bill comes out.
  6. Hey! I'm curious about this one too. I send a settlement offer to Cap One over a month ago & I'm waiting to hear back. I just want to get it over with so I don't have to stress about it anymore, ya know?
  7. Yeah I agree. I have had a checking w/Wachovia since 1999 and have never had a problem, but they still felt the need to check my credit to give me a savings. You think my past history banking with them would have been enough to prove I wasn't going to start overdrawing my account and writing bad checks.
  8. I opened a savings last month at Wachovia and they pulled my report. I'm just glad they didn't pull EX or I would have been pissed.
  9. Great Lakes GW worked for me. Removed a 90 day late. So it happens. I didn't receive anything back in the mail from them, they just made the changes to my CR.
  10. Yes, that's exactly what happened to me! I was charged $14.95 in Sept and then went back down to $11.21 in Oct. I was pissed about the higher charge, but then forgot to call about it & then the next month it was lower. So I guess we'll wait and see what they decide to charge for next month.
  11. I did CJ cause I couldn't get approved for anything. I spent about $30 on earings (including S&H). That's not bad for a $1,500 CL, especially when you think about the annual fees some cards charge. True, I've never worn the earings and I probably never will, but it did help me get approved for Target & Hooters.
  12. I approved for Hooters today!! CL of $2,500! I was starting to get discouraged after some recent denials (and 2 previous Hooters denials). I'm so pumped that I finally have a card I can use outside of Target! Woo hoo!!
  13. When I sent my GW's out it took about a month or so for a response. The one (Great Lakes) just made the corrections to my CR and didn't send me a letter or anything. The second one (Express) sent me a letter saying that they were not reporting any lates on my CR and if I disputed it with the CRAs they would update the info to being never late, which they did. If I were you, I'd wait a bit and then retry a similar letter to another address or to a higher up person. Good luck!
  14. Yeah, I know I never received anything from them saying I still had a balance. I think they may have a bunch of untrained chimps working in their billing department. I've never seen such screwed up, totally inaccurate reporting. I had 3 letters to billing go unanswered and my long winded crazy one to the president finally got me a letter from the customer service rep. My response to him was what finally got stuff corrected. Let me know if you want the name/address of the customer service rep.. Good luck!
  15. After 6 months, 4 letters to Duquesne Light Company (one being a semi-nutcase one to the President where I quoted their code of ethics) and 1 complaint to the BBB (which they forwarded to the State Utility Commission) I am happy to say they finally corrected their mistakes on my reports. What a great feeling to pull TC this morning and find the account is now listed as Closed/Paid/Never Late, instead of the horrific rainbow of colors of lates over the past 2 years.
  16. Have you disputed them with the Credit Bureaus?
  17. I'm about to attempt to settle with them too. I'm nervous!
  18. Same here. Did the DV and disputed them with CRAs. They dropped off & haven't heard anything since.
  19. Hey everyone. I was hoping somebody could offer me some advice. I owe $583 to Capital One. The debt is still within SOL and Cap One does their usual monthly reporting to the CRAs about the debt being charged off. I'm wondering if I should send them a settlement offer. It would be nice not to have to stress about this debt and not to have the charge off reported each month. On one hand I'm afraid sending them a settlement offer will remind them about me and cause them to sue. On the other, I'm afraid not paying will get me sued. I really don't want to get sued. Thoughts?
  20. Wow! My college loan is about 41k and I pay $243 per month!
  21. Good luck!!! Be prepared to live at your local post office! Address & name disputing, for me, is such a pain in the a$$. I swear they're all freakin' morons at the CRAs. Each time I get a new report, it seems like they invented a new way to spell my name.
  22. I have 13 on TU and on my truecredit it lists "too many inquiries" as one of the reasons why I have as they call it "between fair and poor" credit. Until I get some bumped off, I'm only going for credit that pulls my EQ. EQ is my highest score and the only one I've been able to make any inquiry removal progress with.
  23. I got a 90 day late deletion from Great Lakes. After what I read on here I was highly doubtful it would happen, but I sent in my GW letter anyway and a month later the lates were gone.
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