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  1. Friend had situation like this: AMEX said they removed, but it showed for 10 years on their CR.
  2. Well if it was over 7 years at least it does not show up on the CR.
  3. If you did not have your name on the account, nor were authorized AU, in practice you should be fine.
  4. I thought that I read that CK does not work any longer for b*, period. Or, it does not work with TU?
  5. Unfortunately the Judge hearing it may do any of several different things. Please keep us advised.
  6. Where do you stand with hsbc removal?
  7. Trying to help friend who moved from CA before 2004 and stopped filing CA returns. Now finds out that CA recorded a tax lien for 2005--based on CA's estimate of what this person used to earn while living in CA. How would you go about removing lien and attacking this mess.
  8. Different take: try to avoid BK again because it is amost impossible to remove. Plus stays for over 10 years. Without BK it is less number of years and have good chance to remove some of the issues.
  9. What is the latest info on them? Cheapest way to sign up?
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