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  1. Above: great results--you are a beacon for us to keep trying.
  2. Did not work, they reinstated one inq and they reduced score by 7 points.
  3. Please do not be surprised if you just get a 7 FA out of this. But if removes inqs, then start sending documents to each to remove the FA
  4. Many times you also get a 7 year FA. QUOTE=scorch;957247]Doesn't this work too? In reference to the original post, I would think a similar method would work for the other two CRAs as well. Isn't that right?
  5. The therapist finally said: OK, too time consuming to try to collect.
  6. Our excperience is that you may have a good result if the business is member of BBB. If they are not they most likely ignore the complaint.
  7. I heard that EQ is difficult plus takes long time to remove FAs?????????
  8. Please stay positive--we figure out TU yet.
  9. Thank you--overall very encouraging!
  10. Recent letters in 2008: Currently anyone else reports the ultimate outcome of these type of letters?
  11. The issue is between federal courts vs state courts? It sounded like OP filed in state court regarding federal statue??????????
  12. What happened with CBSJ--anything you could tell us about them?
  13. I am helping a friend--the docto( actually pysical therapy will not agree to a discount, not to deletion). Actual other detrial: the therapist prior to service agfreed to accept only what insurance was going to pay ( orally), then many months later said insurance did not pay and therefor e now the patient needs to pay.
  14. On smaller bills ( less than $200) that were left over after insurance did not pay, or paid not enough, or if there was no insurance: have you been able to and succeed asking doctor to waive bill since no employment, or being ill, etc: what reasons seemed to work? What words or explanations did you use successfully?
  15. FACO over 770 and never received any CLI from Target
  16. Friend has FACO over 750 and no baddies. Applied and was turned down with the first reason: too may inquiries and referred to EX. Their EX has altogether including CapOne 8 inquiries: 5 within one year and 3 over one year. Does this make sense? Suggestions?
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