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  1. Sorry to drag this thread out... I don't mean to... I just found out today that there was no "witness" to the signing of this POA. There was only the parties involved in the POA switch and the attorney present. Aren't they supposed to have an unbiased witness there to say that this POA switch was what my grandma's true intentions were? This seriously cannot be legal!!!
  2. My parents have an attorney... I just don't know how "good" he really is. My parents can't really afford to file a lawsuit... they would have to take out a loan to do so. I was just hoping that someone on here would know whether it sounds like my grandma's husband even obtained POA legally. But I guess that could vary too between the different states.
  3. LadynRed - Thanks for responding. Um... yes, she did have a DNR included. The people at the hospital told my parents that a DNR isn't worth the paper its written on if the person's spouse does not agree with it and accept it. We live in Nebraska... so I don't know what the laws regarding that are here. Anyway, this is why this doctor wrote the first statement saying that she was of sound enough mind to say whether she wanted to live or die. My parents challenged the hospital with it and the hospital finally gave in. They "pulled the plug" with much objection from my grandma's husband. But then she didn't die that night. She was still critical though following this and the doctors still said she was probably going to die... but then her husband sought out someone else's opinion and somehow my grandma got a feeding tube put in. ::sigh:: This guy really does know how to work things... I'll give him credit for that.
  4. Sorry if this isn't an appropriate question... but I was wondering if anyone knew anything about POA laws and such. It doesn't really have anything to do with credit... but finances are involved. I'm asking because my parents have been going through a very tough time lately. You see... my dad was my grandma's POA. She married her 3rd husband just 5 years ago and right after their wedding she made out a will. Whatever property, money, whatever that was left over (since medical bills might need to be paid) after her death is to be split up among her step children (from her 2nd marriage) and my dad (plus my dad had a bond that was to go to him... it was from his grandfather, but it was in both my grandma's and my dad's names). Well... long story short, my grandma had heart surgery and then suffered 10 strokes afterwards. Everyone thought she was going to die... and my grandma had a health directive that said not to keep her alive on life support. Her husband went against her wishes and forced the hospital to keep her alive. She's alive... but she has to have a feeding tube and she's pretty much a vegetable. A doctor wrote a statement saying that he felt she was of sound enough mind to decide whether she wanted to live or die... however, this doctor then wrote a statement about 6 months later that she was not of sound enough mind to make financial decisions (her memory has been disappearing quite rapidly and she doesn't even know who I am anymore). Anyway... some time between the first statement and the second statement, my grandma's husband somehow got POA switched from my dad to him. He has an "X" on a document that he had to physically force my grandma to draw. Since then he has been rapidly depleting her money and resources... my parents have grown very concerned that he is just after her money and wishes to spend every last penny (then divorce her so she will become a ward of the state). My question is... can my dad get POA back? It's quite obvious that my grandma had no clue what was going on when she "signed" that document... plus all of the nurses at the nursing home have noticed that she can be easily influenced (when someone asks her a question, she simply looks at her husband so he can prompt her). She doesn't even know what year it is for crying out loud! Sorry if this is in the wrong area... it can get moved if someone wants it moved. I am just so desperate for some help with this. My parents are talking about taking my grandma's husband to court because he clearly doesn't have respect for what was my grandma's wishes.
  5. Dodidodidodidodidodidodido... Hmm, no refund check in the mail yet. It was officially 1 week today... but the lady I talked to said 10 days so they have until Friday.
  6. This is just an update so anyone who reads this knows that there was actually a happy ending to this story. I was able to cancel my contract with the settlement company without owing them any money. Then I wrote them a letter asking for a refund... and to my surprise, I got one (or at least a check is supposed to be in the mail)! So I suppose this company at least follows some of the rules for being a good, reputable business. Here are links to the threads that show how I canceled the contract and got my refund (in the order in which they were written). Hopefully this will prove useful to someone else in the future. http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=270782 http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=271096 http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=271461 http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=271757 http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=272005 http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=272402 http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=272829
  7. Hmm... that's a good idea. I mean, I really don't know how good of a company they are when it comes to what they are actually in the business of doing. I suppose they could help someone who was already behind on their bills and considering bankruptcy. The problem was... I was not! And how the whole thing worked wasn't explained to me very clearly... so I had expectations that were not what they should have been (I guess). I'm sure most people on this forum don't like settlement companies in general... but at least this one turned out to not be a scam. They must have some decent business practices, since they are willing to give me a refund. Sooooo... I'll find that old thread. I didn't post the company's name on the forum though I don't think.
  8. No... I didn't have to wait long! That was good! I was caught completely by surprise though. I was home on my lunch break and I was munching away. Then the phone rang and the caller id said "National Center". I dunno... I usually don't answer calls like that because I think its a telemarketer or something. But something told me to answer it... and I was so glad I did! They way the lady was talking at first though... I thought she was going to tell me that they weren't going to refund my money. She was asking questions about why I wasn't happy with their services and she wanted to know what I had been told by the sales person who signed me up for the program (I imagine they would want to look into that since they might end up with some more "misinformed" customers). So I starting reading parts of my saved e-mails to her... and then, to my surprise, she was apologizing to me. Hmm... perhaps this company isn't such a bad company after all. I mean... at least they gave me my money back without much fight. I guess I won't need to report them or anything anyway. Anyhoo... I'm getting shorted $2 and some cents because that was the money that was in my "reserve account" with the bank that they use. The bank was a bit angry that I closed the account they were drawing their automatic payments from... so they decided to keep the money that was in the account. Good thing the settlement company's fee was so huge! LOL! Otherwise the bank probably would have kept whatever they could.
  9. LOL! You think? Darn... I was hoping to offer a new car.
  10. OMG! Just got a phone call... and the settlement company is refunding my money! Yippee!!!! The lady I talked to said that they will mail me a check and she said to be sure to call her if I don't see it within 10 days! Macwench - You SO have won a prize! Are you sure you don't want one? You certainly have earned it!
  11. Yeah... I guess I could call and inquire about whether or not anyone has read the complaint letter in two weeks or so...
  12. I sent them certified... so yeah, I have tracking numbers. I'll know when they have actually received them. Sheesh... 30 days? Really?
  13. Okay... I mailed my settlement company complaints asking for a refund yesterday via certified mail. How long should I wait for them to reply before taking this to the BBB and FTC?
  14. LOL! Well... I can send you the revised version if you'd like...
  15. Aww... you're so nice! Actually, Macwench already PMed me and my letter is wonderful now! LOL! Macwench, you should get an award!
  16. I've written my complaint letter to my settlement company asking for a refund. I'm just not sure what I should and should not be including in this letter. I was reading templates for writing a complaint letter online... they say to include all of the important details, but to be short and to the point. Problem is... the situation seems so complicated that I can't write a letter without explaining the things that happened. Sorry... I'm not making any sense here. Would anyone like to have me PM my letter to them? I need someone to look it over to make sure everything is appropriate... and I'm afraid to post it out here in public.
  17. They've been poopie-heads in the past to me... wanting to change the terms of the agreement all the time (e.g. raise the interest rate). Had the same problem with BOA... Discover card never did it to me though. Oh... and Capitol One... did I mention they are poopie-heads too? LOL!
  18. Some creditors do see a lot of cc's as a negative thing. I would hold onto all of them for awhile and then try to have your credit limits increased on a few that you like. Then you can close some of the smaller ones that don't have as attractive of terms... I have found that after you've had a card with a certain company for awhile you will start to see things that you don't like. Some of the worst companies to deal with are BOA and Citi... just my opinion though.
  19. Okay... so what would be the best evidence? Should I get written statements from my creditors saying that they were never informed? And then include copies of e-mails and their website advertisement showing where it says the creditors would be informed and cooperate? LOL!
  20. You answered my first one... but I asked a second one. It's about including evidence with my letter... I don't know what would be in my best interest as far as that goes. Could that screw up my legal stuff later on down the road or would it help me?
  21. Really? I've always paid utility bills late. I don't always have enough money in one paycheck to cover them all. LOL! You mean utilities are going to start reporting you for even a few days late? That's not very nice! Everyone I know pays their utilities late... no one has been punished for it. I thought they only reported you if you had a couple of months worth that hasn't been paid.
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