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  1. I have decided to sign out of this web site for good because of Robert. So no more Christams exchanges and all the fun I had here. Thank you CIC members who have helped me all these years. I know others have the same opinion as I do about Robert. He is rude. And acts like a collector. Even though someone said he is not. So no more visiting this site from me. It is not that I or others, do not like what Roberts says, it is the way he says it. So if it means for me to give up my seat here I will. I will take the infraction and move on. Robert lost a another visitor for CIC. Robert is rude and that is the bottom line. Admin you can delete my log in info , e-mails, entire account ect. I learned alot from CIC and thank you sincerely. Good bye to shadokeeper, Above Average, Leslie R, Houdino,Amerikaner83,JQ26,CleverCinic and anyone I have missed.
  2. So am I supposed to erase the get a life Robert part? Or will admin do it?
  3. JQ26 might be able to help you on this once. He is very intelligent on so may matters here. Good luck!
  4. Get a life Robert. Did someone hurt your feelings? Poor Robert.
  5. You can sue creditors or collection agencies, and credit bureaus if they try and “Re-age” your account by updating the date of last activity on your credit report in the hopes of keeping negative information on your account longer. Consumer protection afforded by the FCRA Section 605 © Running of the reporting period. http://www.creditinfocenter.com/eBooks/PoorMansClassActionLawsuit.shtml The date opened was changed from Opened 03/2005 to Opened 06/2009. That is a significant change. Then from Date of first del was Nov 2006 to no info?! Hmmm. Then again on the date Maj. Del. 1st Rptd 08/2007 to Date Maj. Del 1st Rptd 07/2009. It all changed. I would say they reaged the account. Keep those copies of it you have. Date Maj. Del 1st Rptd means Date Major Delinquency First Reported: The first date the major delinquency status was reported for this account. A major delinquency is considered to be a collection, repossession, charge-off, foreclosure or account included in bankruptcy.
  6. I spoke to soon above here. Look what I just found in my CIC e-mail. The title Robert gave the e-mail is above. "Getting opinions you don't like is one thing; calling anyone on this board a "collector" is quite another and doing so in the open forum is cowardly to say the least. If you have a problem with me then either have the gonads to confront me directly or report me to Admin. " PS. Robert don't email me.
  7. No one is skipping out on anything. But if a collector is breaking the law they should be held accountable. Period. If they are not allowed to collect in a state, and the SOS says they need a license/bond, I will report them. Just like anyone who ows a legitimate debt should pay for it. I am looking for answers to my questions here at CIC. Robert has may opinions and he puts them down just like I did about him. Robert just wanted to put his two cents in, like the rest of us do here, and by the way didn't answer my question.(Why not sue the collection agency for their violations?) CIC says to do it. I recall back when Robert told someone they needed a attorney because she was asking to many questions here at CIC and could not handle it alone oh and to pay the debt ect. And it was too much for her to learn. Well she didn't get one. Went to court and won the case all by herself thanks to all the kind help at CIC. I put down my opinion that is all. I don't want a big fuss here.
  8. I have always had a strong feeling, for over a year, with your replies to other people and now me, that you are a collector Robert.
  9. I checked with the NE SOS and also here at Credit Info Center http://www.creditinfocenter.com/rebuild/debt_validation.shtml paragraph 8 you can look up who requires collection agencies to be licensed. Both said this collection agency needs to be licensed in the state of NE. So why aren't they following the guidlines of my state, and reporting to the credit bureaus? Reporting to the credit bureaus when are not licensed in my state is continued collection activity-Right? So why should I pay them? Why not the OC.? Why not sue the collection agency for their violations?
  10. So if I wanted to settle and they are not licensed in my state I live in now, what happens? PS. Aren't they supposed to take it off my credit report since they are not licensed in my state I live in now?
  11. http://www.carbuyingtips.com/ is a tremoundouly helpful site when you are looking into a vehicle new or used. I was referred to them by Credit Info Center a while back. It helped me out quite a bit.
  12. Jason

    Chevy Volt

    That was a great article. I couldn't even believe my eye when I saw 230 Miles Per Gallon! Expensive though. I guess like all the cars after they have been out a while the prices go down. Maybe it is wishful thinking on my end. LOL
  13. Questions for all of you. I am in NE. used to be in CO. A collection agency is from CO. but they are not licensed or bonded in NE. I sent them a DVL. apparantly (they said it was not in the 30 day time frame). They did not respond so I sent them a reminder. They did not respond. So I filed complaints with the BBB,FTC,and the AG. -They are not licensed in the state I live in now. -They called third party people after they got my DVL the first time on three occations -They continued collection activity on all three credit reports even though they know they can not collect in my state. -They did not validate the debt util they responded to the AG. And when they responded to the AG they said they are going to sue me.And told the AG they never got my DVL and it didn't matter anyways because it would be after the 30 day timeframe. I have proof they received it because I sent it certified return receipt signed requested. -They also said they never knew my NE. address until the AG complaint. But they had to of seen it on all three credit reports and my complaints to the BBB. What do I do now? I think I have them many violations here. But they are not licensed in my state and won't take it off my credit report either. If they sue me, how am I supposed to go to court in CO? Can they do this? Are they supposed to take it off my report? PS. I know I can speak with an attorney, but I want to see your opinions on this.
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