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  1. Heres the weird thing......before the children were emancipated, NC collected and sent the money to Virginia due to Virginia having "continuing exclusive jurisdiction". For years I have complained about the amount of the past due support to NC citing calculation errors since they were the state doing the enforcement. NC would tell me I needed to take these issues up with Virginia since my claim was pre NC enforcement. NC also advised me should Virginia make adjustments all I needed to do was provide them with the documentation and they would follow suit. I have provided them with such documentation and they (NC) wont adjust. Neither the Virginia or NC support orders note anything regarding interest.
  2. That I pay $300.00 per month. This is a total arrears case now as both children have been emancipated.
  3. I am in the process of reconciling my child support case. I have made payments on time and some have been late. Can I be charged interest when a payment is accepted even if it was late?
  4. Any statute or FCRa subsection I might be able to bend into the clarification request? Thanks for the help as always.
  5. I recently DV'd a CA on a CRA TL. They sent me (the CA) an altered bill that showed a 0.00 balance. A line was drawn through this in pen and the amount allegedly owed, written in. Is this an acceptable form of validation?
  6. Thank you Divemedic. The CRA verified the TL as accurate. What value does this altered bill have? Nothing sent that shows my signature or agreement to pay. This is a medical bill.
  7. Oops sorry. Sent the CA the violation letter today. I just received a copy of a bill today from the collection agency. It shows a 0.00 balance. Someone hand wrote in pen the amount owed, so it is an altered bill. Any suggestions on my next step?
  8. Thanks for the help. The DV was sent just a little over 30days ago. The CA did not show 'in dispute' with the CRA's within the 30 days or since. I was getting ready to send the CA the ol' $1000.00 per violation letter.....
  9. Hello all, New to the group. Have been reading about everyones results. Amazing. I just sent out a couple of CV's to a CA to test the water. Was afraid to send out too many at once. Not much else to say right now.