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  1. Probably September or October of '07. I'll dig thru my folders to see if I can find the details - I kept notes on each account I attacked, usually on the CRs or on any correspondence I recv'd from the creditors. I never received anything from Macy's, so I'm assuming the notes are buried in a stack of old CRs.
  2. VE, I had a 5 year old charge-off (approx. $385) with Macy's that was showing up on at least two of the three agencies. During my repair, I called customer service and offered to "make it right." I was hoping to get a do-able offer and settle for pennies on the dollar. The lady I spoke with politely explained that my account was closed, had been charged-off, but offered to re-open the account for no money from me! I was put on hold for a few minutes and she returned with a $750 credit line. I began using the card for $25-$30 purchases as soon as it arrived and I paid it online, in full, every
  3. I don't know if I'm an oldie; it's been a few years since I posted here. Mainly stop in to answer a few PM's with questions regarding my repair experience- hope it has helped the newbs. I eventually got ALL the negs off my reports. I've acquired a new home and kept my former home as an income property. I couldn't have done it without all the help, advice, and encouragement I received here! I reached the pinnacle I was climbing toward and slowly drifted away from the sites and monitoring programs that were a daily occurrence for a couple of years. One day, I looked up and there was nothing lef
  4. Howdy Amerikaner! Long time no see! More later! My wife simply disputed online and the old address was removed within 24 hrs... and it was on EXP! You never know so it's worth a shot!
  5. Several months ago, and just a month or two after my increase to $500, the Target clerk asked me if I wanted to upgrade to a Visa. I posted in another thread that I declined due to the line of customers behind me, one of which was a HOT little blonde whom I didn't want to be embarrassed in front of if I wasn't approved. I've since been back to the same store, gone through the same line, same clerk and have not been asked again... I used my card every month (Enviga Green Tea and FRS Healthy Energy drinks) and I PIF prior to the statement posting. I've tried leaving a small balance, near maxing
  6. I haven't been on here for several months. I guess that's a sign of better days. Many new cards and accounts since the last update, but I had to post that I recently acquired a $12,000 Chase Freedom Plus card and the ever-elusive (for me) American Express Starwoods Preferred Guest Card. Now, I actually get rewards, points and perks by using my cards. I'm not going to list all the new accounts cause they now seem like no big deal, although I can remember just a little over a year ago that they were not available to me. My better half has dramatically improved her scores by following some simpl
  7. I pay everything that allows online. I prefer to pay on the account's website rather than use Bill Pay from my bank. My other half prefers to pay everything from the bank website. Neither of us has ever had a problem. When I get the confirmation page, I hit "Alt+ Prt Scrn" to capture the screen. I I open Microsoft Paint, I paste the screen onto a blank page, then crop the confirmation message and save it as a jpeg or bmp in "My Pictures" named by creditor and date of payment, ie; "Hooters PIF 12-10-08" This helps me check any of my accounts while I'm online since I have the saved images right
  8. I interviewed an inmate once whose GF had smuggled LSD blotter paper into the prison. After he took the LSD hits, he'd urinate into a water bottle. He then sold capfuls of his urine to the other inmates. (His urine contained the acid that was processed out by the body) He affectionately called his "wine" RECYCLE...
  9. Same here! 4 EQ Inqs vaporized! Had "0" for awhile 'till DD's college loan apps hit... Now back up to "1" again.
  10. Need help with a Corel WordPerfect download. DL'd from Internet and see the files on my desktop but can't get the program to initate installation. ANYONE?
  11. Dayum that was a good song! Congrats to ya, lady! You just might have to change your name to "Not So Blu Tish"
  12. I don't want chelsea to go green, do you?
  13. Great Job 2K+1! And all this time I thought you were just here woofin' noise in the Off Topic Forums...