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  1. So true.. and those pills are expensive! I've resorted to disolving it in water and giving to them with an oral syringe.
  2. I think all the behaved toddlers have taken benadryl! I wonder if some of it is due to ear pain.
  3. Get out the memorable kids school stuff, vacation pics, etc and complete a scrapbook before the holidays! I know I'm guilty of letting things pile up, they get ruined or I end up with so much I don't want to deal it. I'm a not scrapbook hobby person but it's a good way to clear our clutter and papers and end up with something nice to enjoy vs having a stack of papers! I know it's gone digital too but I haven't ventured there yet.
  4. Willing before you buy a car can you meet with a physical therapist? They might 1. can teach your wife how to move your leg with less effort and 2. know of some adaptive tool to help you get in or out of the car. You have a great attitude ~
  5. http://www.craigslist.org/about/best/flg/631354274.html organic lawn mower http://www.craigslist.org/about/best/dal/705407729.html attack kitten
  6. Does that mena I can still try and settle of the original creditor? I am getting letters from JDB. The CR doesn't say sold to another lender just charge off.
  7. I pulled my CR and it says "charge off" does that mean they sold it to a JDB?
  8. http://business.uschamber.com/P98/P98_12_assettables_FL.asp Wages: 100% exempt for head of household. However, head of household may sign waiver that allows garnishment of wages in excess of $500 per week. Wages of others exempt in accordance with the federal standard (see the introduction to these tables). Also exempt are 6 months of wages paid and deposited in a bank account. Does this mean if you are a working parent they can't garnish your wages? I make under the $500 per week. Do you know how this works if you are self employed? Thank you
  9. My Aunt died with leaving her 401 b between 4 relatives. Does this money have to go in a retirement acount of the people that recieve it? My Aunt that is the executor said it has to go in another retirement account?
  10. I agree with everyone about getting a lawyer to assist you. This is what I would do: 1. Change your phone # to an unlisted #. You don't need creditors ruining your day and upsetting you. 2. Get a copy of the police report for the robbery. 3. Get a copy of the police report for the ID theft. If you have not filed one, file one. They might give you the run around, just keep trying. If you can get a copy of your credit reports before you call, so you can list what is included on there in the report. After you file this, make sure you write down the police report #. 4. Fill out the ID theft form. link is here: http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2002/02/idtheft.shtm Put the police report # on there. I would send that to the creditors/collection agencies. That should cut back on many of your heaches. A few may send back their own form to be filled out. 5. Get a copy of the police report, it might take a few days before it's transcribed and available. I would send a copy of the police report to each credit reporting agency with the ID theft form and what you are disputing as fraud on there. Write ATTN: FRAUD DEPT on the envelope.
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