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  1. It's sad they are closing, they have great sales reps with great product knowledge that actually paid attention to what I said! I have found that at very few places I thought they really must have outstanding training for their employees.
  2. I have a WalMart Store card and Sams Discover, the WM can be used at Sams. Just a warning the card is a PITA, if you use it more than 3x in 24 hours they freeze it, so don't stop at WM to make a purchase, buy gas at WM, buy lunch at Sam's Deli, and then try to make a purchase at Sam's because you will be stuck in line with your tired children and melting food while on the phone with a GEMB rep in Manilla asking them to unlock your account!
  3. I've done that with their pork, I have them cut it into stew meat, stir-fry and steaks or would that be chops? Not sure what it's called! That sounds sooo goood to do it with a ribeye there is nothing more delicious than a ribeye and baked potatoe!
  4. I'm getting around $1500 back, after the EIC pays my self employment taxes. I feel kind of sick about claiming it, it doesn't really seem fair.
  5. I don't get it why is it a sign up the times it seems like something sick and evil.
  6. I know they can take your bank account, but how much of your wages can they take? What if you are self employed and recieve a paper check? Can they garnish self employment income? I usually cash my check at WalMartI do not put it in my account. Is there a limit on the wage garnishment if you are employed that they can take? This is for a credit card debt not a federal debt like student loans or taxes. I have some credit card debt that may be charged off I am just wondering what is the worse case scenario if I can't settle it. I own nothing except I have a 10 year old car with over 300,000 miles on it and I rent. Also they do not have my current physical address only a PO BOX, would they need my address to serve me? Do they need to serve me at all? I'm wondering what is the worse case scenario here. I could always file chapter 7 I'm well under the income limit if it came down to them taking self employment income. I could even do it with a fee waiver if I did it without a lawyer.
  7. Nothing to add to the thread but I wanted to say Congratulations on Jr to JQ!
  8. I hope I don't sound like I blamed the bank, I'm not, I'm just saying they aggressively upsell checking accounts and discourage people from using savings only or no account. I usually very tired when I run errands I'm not great at saying no so many times. Now as far as getting my secured loans they totally blew me off for those.. I wanted to pay them interest on savings, makes ya wonder what these places are thinking!
  9. That is a good point but from the POV of someone who has used money order for *years* I will tell you that banks and credit unions aggressively push their checking accounts when you have savings only or no account. I used to always cash my payroll check at the bank where it came from and was every time was asked to open an account. I'm not blaming the teller or the rep but it's the banks policy for them to ask the customer. One time when I was getting money out of my savings (I had my direct deposit going there and would just to drive-thru and pick it up) the teller was really rude to me through drive-thru. Anyway I called the call center and reported it and the next time I went in there the manager apologized and offered to open a checking account for me. (The teller was rude asking about why I used savings vs checking.) I told her I couldn't open a checking account because of chex system and they opened one for me anyway. Eventually I overdrafted that one and now owe them money. I have two now and I basically just keep them in the closet. I plan on using it to get my tax return and I have direct deposit of one of my very part-time jobs going there. It's in a convenient location so I will get a cashier check there once in a while since they have one free per day with that money. This was the same situation, I had opened a savings account there for a secured loan, I paid it off and went to close it and they upselled me on opening a checking. A few weeks later I called to tell them no over draft at all they gave me a hard time, I had to ask three times for that, they kept coming back with rebuttals why I needed that . OK I am not blaming the banks for my inability to keep a checking account with a positive balance but I'm saying the banks certainly do not want people to use savings and money orders or just paying a $5 or no fee to cash a check from their bank there. It's not just regulation D, I get paid 2x per month, if I go there 2x and then maybe a 3rd for something misc. once in a while that isn't even 5 per month. This isn't just a teller that is a great salesperson that I run into, I've seen it repeatedly over and over again at different places. The banks pressure you to open checking accounts and discourage using savings and just withdrawing money. Every employee is trained like to upsell it. I'm better now that I'm older but before I wasn't great before at standing up to people. The only reason why I opened a savings in the first place was because several years ago, my uncle cashed out a stock check he bought for me, and I needed a place to deposit it. I'm happy using Wal-Mart check cashing for $3 and their cheap money orders and postage stamps or cashing a check at the bank where it's from! Having a bank account has just gotten me in more trouble.
  10. That is funny they don't round off the number to the nearest hundred.
  11. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! That house is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm *so* happy for you both!!!!!!!
  12. That site is funny sometimes! I have no idea.
  13. I have this one: www.urbanrebounding.com
  14. Sorry I phrased that badly (as usual!) but you answered it. I want to find a CD that will jut penalize me in interest if I had to withdraw early. Thank you for your help!
  15. What cards/companies do you have? I caught an AWFUL cold/cough and asked if I could skip a payment, GEMB and BOA made my minimum payment to be ZERO for 2 months with just a phone call, no change on reporting etc. Willingtocope is right, take care of your basic expenses and family, if you have something extra after the basics this month, pay your utilities a month ahead of time or buy a gift card to the grocery store you shop at.
  16. I did a title loan and had my car repo'ed. I called and asked if I could pay a month late, we agreed on a date, my child was sick for several weeks, I had paid on it for 10 months on time, they took my car the next day! The repo men were nice LOL they brought it back so I could get my stuff.
  17. Can the investment banks change back over in a few years?
  18. I agree! A major disadvantage of public transportation is not being able to arrive quickly in an urgent situation, having cash for a taxi eliminates that. (You can still be on time for work if the bus breaks down, make it to the kid's school if they are sick, get grandma's Rx after work.)
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