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  1. I am just about to graduate med school. You should see the dollar amount of student loans I have. 8+ years in school brings alot of expenses. Malpractice insurance is at an all time high due to everyone being trigger happy to sue. As any doctor working in a hospital, they dont set the pricing of exams and procedures. The hospital does. Private clinics I have no information on because I have no worked in one. A real doctor is there to take care of the patients, not to squeek every dollar out of poeple. Just as any other product on the market, you also pay for the research put into it. Thank you for pointing this out
  2. I have personally used goodwill letters to remove roughly 12 bad TL's. They do work. It all depends on how you word them. Make it look like you were just a victim of circumstance and you just want a "hand up, not a handout". That is the line that worked good for me.
  3. I was just stating my opinion on how the economy will tank now that the health care bill passed. I didnt feel I was off topic, and I gave my supporting claims. The funding required for it will take a ton of money out of the pockets of poeple who didnt even get to vote on it. I am currently finishing up Medical school. Everyone that works for hospitals will be getting the shaft in all of this. The economy will not bounce back up when its getting chopped off at the knees. Poeple will not want to go out and spend when their paychecks will be less. Just my 2 pennies. I stayed on the topic of economic side of it this time I hope. But this is what I personally see while on clinic duty
  4. I know that I was happy when my state's Attorny General filed suit against the Obama health care bill. This is the USA, not Canada....... Why follow a broken system. I am in the medical field myself and many doctors are going to find new professions if this Bill does become a reality. Long waiting lists for doctor visits are sure to come. MRI's at a local office are booking 7 months out as we are right now..... it will only get worse. This administration needs to fix other things before they make a mockery of health care. In my opinion, taxing the hell out of Americans is not going to boost the economy. Just look at Canada and how they have a failed health care system. Why copy it? I editted this post because some poeple cant stand reality
  5. A man takes his new Corvette out for a high speed drive down the freeway on hot summer day. A Washington State trooper pulls in behind and turns on the lights to pull him over. The trooper approaches the drivers side window and says " If you can give me a reason for your speeding that I have never heard before, then I wont give you a ticket" The man quickly replied "12 years ago my wife left me for a trooper, I was thinking you were trying to bring her back"
  6. I completely agree. I would have to say this would be also considered misleading information.
  7. Have they pulled your CR yet? They may not have the correct address to dunn you if you have moved sinse you had that contract with AT&T. And yes, they have to send a dunning letter within 5 days for posting to your CR, but it may have went to a previous address. I may be wrong but I believe that reporting to your CR is deamed "communication".
  8. I think my cholesterol rose just from looking at the picture! lol I live about 5 minutes from the canadian border and yes that is a very common food to them in Canada. Its their version of Nachos or something like that. You can order it at any canadian Burger King if you want to give it a shot
  9. Wow, you would think this would definitely be a deceptive practice. They are implying one thing and delivering a totally different thing. By them making you sign for it would entail fraud. It would be the same as a car salesman doing up all the paperwork for buying a motorhome RV then after I signed for it all I get would be a cheap ,used, moldy camper that leaks water. Its the exact same concept. Great word lookup ditaloca! They cant hide from the truth that they are liars
  10. I have my last bad tradeline still making me mad. Portfolio reported the date of last activity as 02/2002. I disputed it as obsolete on EQ ( it has fallen off of TU and EX) . They "update" the TL now with 12/2002 as the date of 1st delequency. How can this be? Am I missing something here?
  11. Same here. I hope they go on just account history. What sucks is losing the Cabela's reward points. I have a store an hour away from me and loved getting free stuff. Not to mention the free FICO they are taking away
  12. Yes he should have been ejected. It seemed to me there was pushing and some form of fighting between each play. I know that emotions run high in this game but come on, grow up. Im glad Pittsburgh got whistled for so many personal fouls. They deserved them and more. I hope Roger Goodell drops some fines on them for there conduct. They are way overpaid to be acting like that
  13. we agree to disagree. Its all good. I dont think any team with that many personal fouls deserves to win that game. I hope they get knocked in the teeth next year. Yes they are a good team and their offense played very well, but their attitudes is what makes me not like them.
  14. With any time on the clock there is still a chance to score. I just wished it ended fare
  15. Not at all. Im a 49ers fan. I had nothing to cheer for this superbowl and probably many to come
  16. I would rather see New England with another title than Pittsburgh. Their sheer arrogance and unsportsmanlike conduct was horrible in this game. Typical Pittsburgh though.
  17. Now Arizona knows how Seahawk fans feel. The refs didnt completely take this one away, but darn close. That last play was an incomplete pass. Warners arm was coming forward. No fumble.
  18. Im an avid Bass and salmon fisherman. If I owned an SUV I would get my moneys worth hauling a boat around.
  19. I agree with local law making descisions to a point. Most community law enforcement authorities would make all kinds of rediculous traffic laws just to gain capital ( ticket money). They did that in both Green Bay and Appleton Wisconsin. Im not in favor of huge "redneck" trucks with 20" of lift running down everything thinking they own the road. Also its just as unsafe to have a car thats 1 inch off the ground. Combine those 2 in a collision and you have a mess. I believe you should be able to customize your vehicle all you want as long as its not going to be a hinderance or safety issue to you or other traffic.
  20. Very true about accident avoidance. SUV's dont manuver well at all. From a safety perpsective, I would rather be in one than be hit by one. SUV's can haul a boat, tow a trailer, pull a camping RV trailer. Minivans cant do any of that without major issues. Mainly from them not being rear wheel drive. SUV's were brought upon buy the worlds need for vehicle thats multi-functional and can transport more passengers than your average full size truck. Mini-vans dont even belong in the same sentence. Mini-vans were designed for family transportation only. The convienience of having many passengers was how they were designed. 2 completely different worlds. Yes I agree that most SUV owners never use them for there actual intention, but They look a hell of a lot better and are safer to drive than your typical "soccer mom" mini-van.
  21. These cars remind me of my first ever car. A 1993 smurf blue hatchback Geo Metro 3 Cylinder. Great gas milage but uglier than anything on the road. Why cant they atleast give these cars a bit of style? Im not against these vehicles at all. They are just not for me. I have lived in big cities, I would much rather have a normal or larger sized vehicle (no H2 or Nissan Armada) because people drive like maniacs getting around in traffic and to beat stoplights and such. Does anyone ever think about crash safety? My old geo was a pop can waiting for someone to step on it. I cant imagine that cars even smaller and way lighter than it could be any different in a crash. I currently am working an inturnship at a hospital (Harborveiw) ,wich is a level 4 trauma center,while im completing med school. I see the car crash victims come in everyday. Honestly I would have to say 3/4 of the victims are in a car smaller than a civic. I rarely see an SUV wreck patient unless they are sent precautionary or they roled it. Different strokes for different folks. Mini cars are just not my cup of tea.
  22. I hate all these stupid looking wannabe Jetsons cars. Im am an import car tuner, but cant stand the Prius,echo, mini,fit, smart cars. Im sorry, but style is worth more money to me than gas milage.
  23. As an import car tuner, I hate all the stupid emissions crap on every vehicle. Granted I dont live in an area with mandatory testing, but I personally think everyone has the right to do whatever to their vehicle they want. California is so stupid to the point that they now do a visual inspection to verify everything is stock. Yet diesel trucks have no emissions laws and puff out huge plumes of black smoke and are legal........... Name a city or school bus that could pass emissions testing........ I am all for the aftermarket on car parts. let people customize all they want. Manufactures weezle out of every warranty by claiming something aftermarket is on the vehicle. I was told that my Ford Mustang back in 1996 had the warranty cancelled because I didnt have a Ford (Motorcraft) oil filter on it. Courts have sinse reversed that injustice
  24. Go Cards!!!! The steelers dont deserve a Superbowl win after the officials gave them one in 2006