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  1. fresh start not true i have tryed to get credit tay say no way too soon try us back in 10 years
  2. Hi should I freeze my reports Now that I have bad credit now I got my discharge letter 10-16-07 Free at last,thank God allmighty i am free at last. bye bye $$$$$90,000 Hello bad credit for 10 years
  3. looked at my cr it said all most of my bad cc have in ch 7 now what
  4. well i will soon have the later bk 7 will be behind us now what any one
  5. Thank you ladynred i can send a bill $100 a day
  6. for me it is going to be cash only just did a chapter 7
  7. :confused:Well the day has come and gone The 5th of Oct.for a chapter 7 But I still have the john Deere $8,000 tractor JD said to us reaffirms the loan We rejected the reaffirming the loan What to do help lady can they come and get it soon Or what
  8. it is post pititon so i guess i can add it now
  9. all ready went to the 341 what can i do
  10. What about cell phones I need help with Verizon wireless I forgot to cancelled my cell phone So the past due is in the bk (bk 6/26/07) then till now is not in the bk 7/07 They re did a contract with out telling me, a sub contract Some thing about it is a lease I was going to do an amendment bit I don’t know if I can Help
  11. thay can and will report it to the cra i have to pay back 3100.00 ssi it is in my credit report i did put it in my bk 7 i will found out on the 5 of octeber
  12. sorry about the spelling is is ok not a problem befor bk 459 now 569
  13. it is not a bing thing is i found out last week
  14. and we had a bill buring party,in the fire pit that visa paid for. the old cc bills up in smoke, it was fun