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  1. I have not been around much lately so not sure if anyone's mentioned this -- but I had to come and post. Dilbert got fired from his job and has taken a new one for a collection agency. The series has been ongoing this week. It's online at Dilbert.com if you don't get a newspaper. It's not to be missed. Here's a sample: /
  2. You think you're going to lure me back into your lair with talk like that??!!!
  3. Hey everyone -- I've been super busy since before Christmas, so haven't been around much. But thought I'd share with you guys the good news I got today: I just received an email from Wamu stating that since Wamu cards are now Chase cards, that the free TU FICO will no longer be provided. Damn! I liked that little score. Hope all is well with everyone. OH and go Steelers!!!!!!!!!
  4. HaHa!!! Things were not looking so good for me early on before Peyton figured out how to work his arm again, until Westbook got healthy, and before I picked up Slayton. But then, I was UNSTOPPABLE!!!!! LMAO!!!! It was fun - I need a new project now instead of working on that in the mornings. Merry Christmas, everyone...AND CONGRATS TO THEGAME26 for his *second* place win!! Not too shabby!!!
  5. Well I reported on my Chevron CLD recently - my scores are higher than ever and I'm PIFing everything each month. Life is good and then Chevron hits me w/ the CLD. I then proceeded to watch Dillards closely (my only other GEMB card) and it was still at $1000. Of course it was. Until I actually went to Dillards for the first time since July and attempted to use the card to make a $237. purchase. The sales lady called customer service and let me talk to them. I was told the CLD (to $100!! LMAO) was due to not using the card. I said, "well I want to use it now and I'm here waiting to buy - so how about it?" Sorry, nothing she could do. GEMB sucks.
  6. My online app. came back with a need to verify. They called me. I verified, they approved.
  7. That's interesting - I was originally given a 2500 limit and asked for an increase at 3 months and was denied. I think I'll wait until the year mark (which is just four months away) and try again.
  8. I agree with a lot of the comments posted at the blog. Parcells was such a damaging nightmare for your team, and the new ownership seems to be a mess, too. I think a lot of these franchises' owners are the real problem. Like Al Davis. The guy needs to go to a rest home or maybe a mental home and leave his poor team alone. I felt so sorry for Lane Kiffin. I truly believe that the Rooney family has as much to do w/ the Steelers' successes over the years than any coach or player(s) combined. These teams need stability in leadership, right up to the top.
  9. I don't do loans. If I care enough about the person, and I have the funds available, I give them the cash. If they decide to repay it, that is a gift that I'm grateful for. But I never, then, get wrapped up in resentful feelings about not being repaid.
  10. Most definitely my sweet brother who left us far, far too early this past September.
  11. All that I could come up with is that it's a landline in Bethany, OH - outside of Cincinnati.
  12. jq, I can see why you got rid of your Seahawks avatar, but this one is equally disturbing.
  13. Well, remember, Scorch, most of these companies/banks we are talking about have not benefitted from the bailout. And, as jq26 has posted elsewhere they are suffering - Merrick in particular. They aren't carrying themselves on AFs and default rates are skyhigh - higher than ever. Not justifying what they are doing to those of us who are using the cards responsibly (or not using the cards at all!) - just throwing out some thoughts. BTW, I am watching my Dillards card - GEMB already slashed my Chevron account. My sister hadn't used her Dillards card (CL of $8000) in close to a year. Two weeks ago bought her son a jacket, shirt, tie, and shoes for his fraternity-whatever and the next day they cut her to $500. WTF.
  14. I have on good authority that Hooters - at least a few months ago - likes users who nearly max out and PIF. These are the folks who get rewarded with CLIs on the theory that you don't need a CLI if you don't use what they've already given you. I'm still curious how many open accounts the OP has.
  15. How many cards do you have? Were you using the Hooters card? From what I understand, Hooters likes to see usage, not sockdrawerage. They seem to reward usage with CLIs (or did in the good old days a few months ago). This is the first I've heard of them closing an account - but jq26 posted here earlier today about Chase closing his little-used Wamu card.
  16. Never ever get rid of bones!!! You can't make good stock without them. Although I can make GREAT beef-based soups, I have never made an acceptable turkey or chicken soup. They always taste like dishwater. Only slightly OT, the "Better than Bullion" stock bases are wonderful (in a jar). They seem kind of expensive at first, but when you realize how little you need to make an entire quart of stock, it's a much better deal than the flavorless cans or slightly better cartons of pre-made stuff.
  17. Martha Stewart on her "Everyday" section has a Turkey Tetrazinni casserole that is EASY and GOOD.
  18. It's getting to the point that having good credit is as much work as all the credit repair. Now every effort to maintain good credit can still turn around and backfire on you...esp. if you have GEMB in your wallet. They didn't hit my Dillards - but this Chevron situation blows.
  19. You go, girl!!! You've been waiting for your moment...and this is it!!!
  20. Well they made a point of telling me when I called in that they were not charging an over limit fee as a "courtesy" - but I guess that same courtesy didn't extend to their reporting to the bureaus!!!
  21. So I just got an alert on CID that Chevron/GEMB has reported me as "account over limit" stemming from their CLD to $100 when my balance was $141.00. As soon as I found out about the CLD (the letter came DAYS after I found out about it when my card was declined at the pump), I paid the account off. What's everyone think I should do? Letter to Chevron? Dispute w/ CRAs?
  22. Congratulations nechick - it's nice to see someone be persistent, do the work, and then enjoy the results!!
  23. "Credit Steps" - that's the program I was talking about. OK sounds like I have to wait three more months. That's ok, it's at 1500.
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