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  1. Any more news on this card? ________ Toyota kd engine specifications
  2. So, if your older, and feeble minded, immigrant, and non-english speaking, or just don't know, then it's ok for "the system" to take advantage of you? That's just not right. ________ Medical marijuana
  3. On a hunch that the Stip to discontinue the case didnt make it to court in time, my friend appeared in court on this matter as scheduled. Well, it is a good thing she did. The lawyer showed up with an empty folder and acted like her knew nothing about the Stip. Moreover, the Court had no knowledge of the Stip either. See how shady people are? So, my friend produced her signed copy of the Stip and showed the Clerk in the courtroom and they so ordered it and dismissed the matter right then and there. I have a problem with this. What if my friend didnt show up for court and counted on the law firms agreement to file that Stip? How much follow up do you have to do with these people? So much for the legal system. ________ LovelyWendie
  4. They suck. I been withthem a year, made 3 purchases, and paid off. Low utilization. Nothing! ________ Vaporite net solo
  5. UTMAN17, I have had a lot of success against ARROW. Just file a complaint with the BBB, AG and FTC. ARROW will then respond to the BBB by saying, "We will contact the complaintant directly." After a few weeks, they should delete. Make sure you document information to the letter in your complaint with the BBB, AG and FTC. Also, file a complaint with Lisa Madegan, the AG for ILLinois. That should take care of the problem. ________ CAODAISM DICUSSION
  6. Hard to tell people that when they loose thier jobs due to 2 large buildings falling down, and your home city brought to a stand still form months. I do sympathize and understand. ________ KIDS AVANDIA
  7. I am in the craper with an old Crap One Business card that just showed up on my reports. I am going to try and negotiate with them to get this off and paid somehow before the SOL looms. I know Crap One keeps good records. What do you guys think? Any advice? ________ EXPERT INSURANCE
  8. After 2 tries, I finally got a Target Red Card yesterday. That bank makes such a big deal over this card with a $200 limit. I wonder was it worth it ________ Vaporizer-info.com
  9. I finally got a Target Red card today. Took long enough. ________ Mercedes-Benz W211
  10. The lawyers for GA Financial sent a Stipulation of Discontinuance. By signing it, they use some very interesting language in it saying, "all parties no further interested in the subject matter of this case." They never validated the debt. Why would they want to drop this now when the Court date is looming? ________ M275 ENGINE
  11. Sorry I took so long to reply. I been on vacation. You can get a rep on EQ or EX if your persistant, take patience. Call whatever number is on the report for disputes or investigation. I got the Jewery accounts on the advice of this site. Search "Sterling Trifecta" on here and read the info. The high limits v. low utilization helps the score over time. I did get denied for a Commerce loan and mroe then that in the beginning. Some of the "PRIME" banks will not approve me for credit. They can see the repair work on my reports over the past year or so, and some don't like low limit subprime cards. Just the way it is. Some can even see my old BK Ch 13 and past Tax Lien. These banks have ways of talking to each other and getting what they need to know about you, no matter what. I know Experian offers a lot of services to thier "subscribers" in that area: Court records search, liens, judgements, etc. They can get the info even if its not reported on a credit report. Hopw this helps ________ COLORADO MEDICAL MARIJUANA
  12. Attorney for GA aka Arrow didn't show. Judgement and Lien were lifted and funds released. Answer was filed. Next court date, August 12. ________ Simca esplanada
  13. Once again, Arrow removed the baddie off my credit report, and they did it in the 30 day period. How about that? Trans Union IQ's all came back, score dropped. ________ Body Science
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