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  1. Can't we all just get along? LOL This site is fabulous and has helped me so much. When I was just starting I know I was asked to clarify so someone with more experience could answer exactly was I was referring to instead of giving me the wrong info because I was asking something else. I think everyone on this site is amazing and I couldn't have done this without you. Thanks everyone.
  2. I sent Providian a letter....the long letter with all the legal stuff, attached credit report, id, copy of a bill with address, sent it certified, etc. The line in question was on Transunion as derogatory, charge off. It was due to drop off in Nov but I'm inpatient... Anywho...they responded with a letter that it was valid, with no attachments proving as such. I was ready to resend the letter again, and decided to dispute with Transnion again...which I hadn't done with this item for over a year... I disputed and 2 days later they responded and it is gone....
  3. American Express sent me a letter stating a whole bunch of inaccurate many inquiries, payments to low, etc...all incorrect data and when I called them, they didn't know what to say. They decreased my credit limit on 5 Feb after I had just made a 1000 payment, added the 150 annual fee on 6 Feb, which put me over their new limit, and then added a 35 over limit fee. I was pissed...called them again and they removed the charge...I immediatly paid off the remaining 1600 and will not use the card only every once in a while to keep it open for my credit...Insane...
  4. Another deletion today from Equifax...1 Cap One and a Providian left...should here something this week...
  5. I began my credit repair journey in August 2007 when I stumbled upon this site by accident. I'm so glad I did and took the advice of the many folks that assisted me and my sometimes silly questions. It took me a bit longer due to a move in the process and I stopped pursueing for about 8 months. I've had 49 deletions across the 3 CRA...numerous name and address repairs/deletions, and my credit scores have went up. I'm working on my last 5 or so baddies, but most will drop off this year if they don't get removed. I did get a deletion today from Equifax. Cap One and Providian have been the two that won't budge but I just sent out new letters in Jan and am waiting to see what happens. I have acquired about 8 new credit cards over the past few years and keep the balances low, but most of the time pay them off each month. So to everyone out there that is working on repairing your credit...just remember to be patient and keep sending out the letters...
  6. My credit limit was cut in half and I pay off my card every month. I called them and they said due to having lates and to many inquiries on my report, they had to decrease my limit. First of all, I have no lates on my report and only have about 5 inquiries in the last year... I told the person on the phone that I will not be using the card anymore, I won't close it, and that if others do the same, she might be out of a job. I finally got my credit cleaned up completely about 6 months ago using this website and this is the thanks I get from AX. I did ask for the complaint address and am going to try and write a letter for reconsideration.
  7. The Richmond Va address is the one that returns to sender.
  8. Thanks again everyone...Again, I can't believe that I even have to dispute my grown childrens mistakes on my report. NCO will be getting a very nasty letter from me with some legal points.
  9. I can't drop her off until next month when she turns 21. The military won't let me do that even though I'm retired, I pay for the insurance, etc. How crazy is that?
  10. One more thing....NCO's bill came to me and it isn't even my name they used. If my name was Jane Doe-Smith...they sent the bill as Smith J. Doe. I have recieved numorous pre approved credit from various companies with that name. It shouldn't even be linked up to my SSN, but sure enough Transunion put it on my report even though name is way off.
  11. I have copies of all the bills and yes they are co-pays...They add up quickly is you go to the doctor frequently on Moms insurance.
  12. Thanks for all the information. I called the insurance company, Tricare and they said I was responsible. I explained to them that I had tried to remove her from my insurance over a year ago when she started this mess and I couldn't because she is under 21. I am retired from the military and pay for the insurance for the family. She will turn 21 next month, thank goodness. I can tell you right now that I am going to fight this because all the bills come in her name. Tricare pays there portion and she is liable for the remainder. Right now she owes various medical facilities about 1000.00. I have worked my butt off to clean up my credit and I will be darned if my 20 year old kid screws it up for me.
  13. Cap 1 has returned my letters. Does anyone have a current address?
  14. Why am I responsible is she is over 18? I have tried to delete her from my insurance but the military won't let me because she is my dependent until she is 21.