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  1. Regarding judgement: it depends, how can they collect the money? They can collect the money if they know your exact bank account number, they can get that from a check, so it is time to change it. Then, they may know where you work...if not, you are fine, if there is nothing to get and they don't know where to go, they may not even get a judgement, and if they do, don't worry about it, except you worry about credit. If you worry about it you can eather file bankrupsy. So then you don't get the collection calls. Or you can hire an attorney to eliminate your debt. I found these people out of Hou
  2. Could I use the same method on this web site regarding collection agencies to vadilidate the debt like I could use trying to settle my debt myself with the banks? what else can I do myself without using a service? Thanks for any advice.
  3. I'm a victim of corporate america. The banks love me, i'm their perfect slave. They got me all wrapped up into their web...long story. i have perfect credit, no lates. I realize, that I will have to pay at least $ 400 a month on interest alone without paying off my balance on my credit cards. I simply won't be able to do it and I'm looking for alternatives. Can anyone give me advice which path might work best....debt settlement...consolidation...eliminating debt...bankrupsy... Did anyone use any services at all and can recommend a specific firm/lawyer? thanks for any advice.
  4. You have to be persistent. Just send some more letters back and forth. The more clear and simple you are, the more results you will get. Send your next letter certified. Say, they need to show you proof bearing your signiture, and say, otherwise you will sue. Just because they say, it is correct, it doesn't mean sch....