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  1. Credit Cards are 5 years, written contracts SOL is 15 years in KY. But this debt was never valid - I had never even heard of the credit card company. They came back again and again and again. For some reason, it wouldn't surprise me if someone took it to court. I had a company threaten to take a 1994 debt to court just a couple years ago - it was a musical instrument I bought years ago. I had actually paid it off in the late 90s, but they didn't have record of that and the 15 years wasn't up yet. Since it was such a major purchase for me, I still had the receipt and they dropped their pur
  2. If there were a collections out for me - wouldn't they attempt to contact me otherwise also? I mean, mail, phone themselves, etc? Isn't it a court requirement that they attempt to collect first? There was a company back, 7-8 years ago (still fair game in KY) that claimed I owed on a credit card that I never had. They popped up over and over for a couple of years with different CAs - I'd DAV and they'd go away and come back - you know how they are. It was never mine, and I haven't heard anything out of them in several years now - just racking my brain trying to think if this is legit... As f
  3. So I got a call from a local number. Guy was a real jerk and wanted to know "where do I want to meet him". At first, I thought it was a prank call, but then he says he's a "process server" hired by Nationwide Legal. I got a phone number, but not much else. I looked on the web and the BBB, but get conflicting results for such a generic name and no matches on the number. I worked long and hard to pay off and settle debts over 2 years ago before I bought my house. I really can't imagine what this is about. What I did learn here is to be pro-active in these things. Should I call this number,
  4. Tax levies will stay on your CR for 7 years after they are paid off.
  5. kleep

    Tax Lien

    How do you know they are filed in multiple counties. Is it just on your Credit Reports, or do you actually have the paperwork from the court? If it is 'just' on your CR, I would contact each county to request documentation. If they cannot provide any, then the CRAs cannot verify. If they can produce documentation, collect all of this together and contact the IRS taxpayer's advocate group and a good attorney. I've been down the tax lien road, and it is not pleasant. The advocate can take time to process your information and assign a caseworker. Their phone number is on the IRS website. A
  6. I used the $8K first-time home buyer stimulus money to pay off my IRS tax lien. (it feels strange taking out a $80K mortgage to pay off a $8K debt...) I had been making payments to the IRS (plus they kept all refunds, etc.) since 2000. The excitement of getting rid of that debt almost exceeds my excitement on having my own home! Then, I was waiting until after I closed on my house to refinance my car, but with the $200/month I'm saving from not making IRS payments, and the $30 a month I'm saving on my housing (mortgage is cheaper than rent), I'm just going to pay off my car by the end of the
  7. There is a "junk" CC Company who recently listed a charge off on my credit report. I once had an account with this company - about 6 years ago. They charged a bunch of bogus fees so I paid them off and cancelled my card. I received a final statement showing a zero balance. Assuming this was a screw-up on their part, I went back and pulled my old statement (yeah, only I would keep such a thing) and compared the account numbers - they are very different. I tried calling the company at the number on my old statement only to be sent to a different company who knew nothing about what was going on
  8. I'll believe it. A friend of mine paid a service fee to BOA from her checking account. After she closed the account, the fee was no longer valid and she "assumed" it was turned off as well. Six months later she started getting collection calls from a CA for BOA - evidently after the account was closed, the fee came out and reopened the account. Since there wasn't any money there, the account went negative. After being negative for over a month, another fee was assessed and so forth. It was ages before she finally got rid of BOA.
  9. After having problems in the past I've left my banks too. I love my credit union and I'll never look back. But, you're right, sometimes the problem is with the vendor not the bank. I had a problem last year trying to make reservations. I didn't want to use my debit card for these exact reasons. But getting a CC with a high enough limit for my trip (which was reimbursed) was impossible. Since I wouldn't have all the money until after the trip, I couldn't do a pre-paid and the cards I had simply wouldn't give me a CLI. So, using some creativity, I ended up having to pay for the trip over sev
  10. Oh, yes the "authorization" scam! I have had that and similar things happen with other banks as well. My favorite is the dining out issue - the server takes your card and 'authorizes' the transaction. Then you include any tip and sign for the total. They take it back to their computer and imput only the final amount. Many banks 'authorize' for the amount plus 10-15% for a tip. If you left more - say 20%, they considered it a second transaction and both amounts were withheld on my balance until the first authorization dropped off a few days later - leaving me open to overdraw. I had the IRS
  11. I just hope they do a good job informing the parents of their obligations before they co-sign. I have a coworker who is in Bankruptcy right now because he cosigned a car loan for his daughter's fiance. The engagement ended, the ex-fiance stopped paying, and the creditor came after my coworker. Since he hadn't received any correspondance since the initial signing, he had no idea any of this was going on. They are promoting the good in this bill - which is an opportunity for parents to be able to watch/guide their young consumers, but this only works if the parents get a copy of the statement
  12. I just read this article. As much 'good' that is coming with this bill, I have my doubts about this part.
  13. When you look at your CR, there is a section that has personal information - addresses, employment, etc. Most (if not all) of that information came from creditors. Sometimes it's accurate, sometimes it isn't - like with my problem - it isn't accurate, they won't remove it, and I don't know which creditor falsely listed it. Sometimes, when you dispute these personal listings as being wrong or obsolete, they will be removed from your CR. The benefit, other than a more correct CR, is that Eoscar can no longer match information in the trade line with the old address and has more difficulty veri
  14. That's what I'm talking about - I had a package shipped to a friend's address 15 years ago. I never lived there. It's on my CR. I have 15 listings for one address that differ from '12A' to 'A12' to '12 A' of another address that was never mine. I requested in writing that they tell me who was providing this information (since they won't delete it) and they sent me a letter saying that 'it is their obligation to keep this information'. I have never gotten them to drop one single personal item - including a false middle name that came up on my EQ report! I even sent them a copy of my birth
  15. Before he became disabled (disability pending - year 3), and she was hospitalized for 4 months, they had good income and good credit. They have credit cards with limits that could buy my house! But they've always spent wisely and have tried everything to keep from filing. But recently the state took over a medical claim (I'm still scratching my head at this one) and she was told that the state backed medical insurance she needs would not be approved as long as the "state" debt remains. The state's letter stated, and the attn. confirmed, that this debt could be IIB. I know we would all have