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  1. Just wanted to know if anyone knew the reseting of SOL laws in NY. I have a Cap-One DOFD from early 2003 for $1300 which was charged off shortly after. I sent a $50 token payment to them in early 2006 did that reset the SOL . I know this is different from state to state and wanted to know if I can expect this item to fall of next year or not. Thanks All
  2. I'll try this question again . Thanks
  3. TU, EX , and EQ are all reporting an unpaid NY Tax lien of $1084 for 2003 and a NY Tax judgement for $2082 for 2004 . Is there anyway to pay these off and get them removed from public record ? Is there anything I can do on my own to get them to withdraw the lien & judgement for payment or should I hire a lawyer to see if they can get the state to withdraw the liens. I have worked really hard to repair my credit got it to the 650s with the remaining 2 baddies due to fall off in March and then these two suckers pop up now 620s . I know i should have paid them off but lost second job and things got really tight. lol that being said if i have to borrow the funds to pay it off know and get it removed from public record i would find away. Any thoughts ?? Thanks __________________
  4. TU, EX , and EQ are all reporting a lien of $1084 for 2003 and a judgement for $2082 for 2004 . Is there anyway to pay these off and get them removed from public record ?
  5. Hello All Just wanted to know If anyone had the contact information (Address) for HSBC Legal Dept or for a firm who handles there Law stuff. I sent them 3 letters requesting they investigate my account and havent heard anything back yet and its been months . The same thing happened with Providian/Wamu and after sending it to there Legal I got back a timely answer. So why not try it again right? Thanks
  6. Hi All Ive written HSBC many times requesting they investigate the wrong trade lines that they are reporting . I have not goten any response. I would now like to write their lawyer directly before going any further. Does anyone have Attorney information for them not just the regular mailing info? Thanks
  7. I'd hate to answer a question with a question but your first round of disputes cost about you $180 . Three CMRR would have cost you about $15 probably with the outcome being the same . So what do you think ? No one at any company you pay is going to care about your credit more then you take the time out to read up and do it your self and save some cash . Christmas is around the corner you know.
  8. thanks everyone I'm going to get started asap .
  9. whats up Nomore. I just applied yesterday online for the target red and found out today that I was approved . They told me the same thing they need to investigate further. I went to the site again today clicked on card status , punched in the numbers that they gave me concerning my application and bang they said i was approved for the red but they didnt say for how much but I'm just happy to get the card . Anyway hope that helped. Good luck
  10. Hi I did a search on it and every post gave vague answers . Can anyone explain what is Opt Out and what affects good or bad it can have on my credit. Thanks
  11. great job. Your progress has me fired up and ready to write a few FOAD letters . LOL but seriously way to go . I really am fired up, probably read a few more chapters in GCIS book !
  12. Hi everyone Not sure where to go . OC marked TL as disputed but has not validated or completed the dispute I sent them . How long do they have its been over 30 days and I have sent another letter asking for them to investigate. What are my options ? thanks
  13. Hey anyone know how long it takes CJ to report its a little over a month and nothing? I bought a pair of earings when I opened the account and nothing yet .
  14. Your should get the book, Great info . Alot of times there are conflicting answers on the site the book will clear that up. The site is the best ,eveyone is helpfull and you can get most of the info there but again on that rair occation its great to have back up.
  15. tylemcorp


    Hey Soccer when you did it with CAP One what was the name of the program an who did you contact ?
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