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  1. kinda what i thought, I am just going to pif my cards and keep 3 of them, i hate to say but citi may be going away after i get the next 8 mos 0 int over with, of course i could just keep em to see what happens!
  2. Is there any difference on how the credit card INT is calculated monthly vs, installment int? I think they are both daily, Or say if I had 7.99 int rate on a card and a installment loan for 8.99 would the 7.99 cost me more money per month? Or is the installment loan calculated like the credit card except the credit card is just not a SET time to pay off... I am trying to figure this stuff out... I hope I wrote it out like i was thinking it lol.... Thanks again everyone at cic!
  3. why are we suprised? GEMB sucks!!!!! If u didn't see that till now, well! Anyway I would cancel the card now, and tell them to suck it! I bet they charged you a OL fee too? That is their crappy way of screwing the people that DO pay them!
  4. I am not sure about how they compute all this crap. But something told me NOT to buy a big purchase yet, I only owe 20 on the balance now after a 25.00 payment, the int isn't that bad on that amount, but i couldn't imagine the thought of a big tv or something, OMG!! Also I only started with 80 bucks worth of stuff, I really wanted to upgrade my computer but that will have to wait till I can PIF!
  5. No cld here! Although I am getting to pif my citi cards because the 0 apr on one runs out, and then it is a 6.99 varible! So i am going to go with penfed's 5.99 for the life! And they have 1.percent of the amount that u transfer for the BT fee, that is way cheaper than their 3. that they did have!
  6. OK, so i jumped the gun? Oh well, I was just wanting people to know if they were doing that lol...... Oh well!
  7. Check this out, STATEMENT, for last month was at ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE for this billing cycle: 21.99% OK This month ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE for this billing cycle: 45.69% WTH??????????? DO NOT get anything expensive at newegg, OMG that is almost 50 percent apr, I have see it this high, AND my payment wasn't late, it was early and my payment isn't due till DECEMEBER!!!!!! I will PIF this right now..... WARNING WARNING-------- Esp to clever cynic!!!!!
  8. Correct, i got a call from a cc guy that asked why i wanted to cancel my tv order, and i said because I heard you all was going out of business, and he said yes we did do chapter 11, but if your store in your area is still OPEN then it will stay open! How true is this? I don't know!
  9. yea it is the rewards visa! But you DON"T get the nice 0 int for 32 or 36 months with that card, u get PTS only! Be aware of that, unless they changed it!
  10. U are right, in a since! I mean about the not always gold thing! here is what I have learned, CREDITORS are not your friends they are your enemies, they only help when u need a home or car! Then again they are ripping you a new one on APR, and this and that! Soooooo with that being said, the people get your ssn or last 4 of the ssn and say well he or she looks like he or she could get approved, so lets send out a preapproval, or it is all computer generated mostly! Most of the times this is horse crap because they just want to run a hard inq on your credit and screw you with that after they say no! So pick and choose! I myself am working on paying all but two credit cards off, they already have a 0 balance, And ditch citi, they served their purpose for having a 0 int on everything for 1 year! So i have to bite the bullet and PIF, and get away from em! Keep all this in mind! I have 19300 worth on one card and 6400 on the other citi card, but i dont need em, I like fixed int!
  11. here is what I am thinking, the CLD's are comming from the bank being able to extend credit to more people with worse credit by using your cl and reducing it, gives them more "available" cash! I could be wrong, but on the other hand I bet they are using the available cash from your cld's to help pay bills with! Just a thought!
  12. yes, i agree, I have seen today on tv but i wasn't sure what was said, CITI is in trouble! Maybe it is just a plea to get some gov money! But I guess i will pif my card quick, and keep penfed, and gfcu ONLY! If i get my cl cut it isn't a big deal though! I don't use em for high dollar purchases, I only owe 3300 to citi to pif! and that is all the cc I owe on!
  13. why yes, u are correct, it is that easy! Have a great day from your local friendly walmart!
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