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  1. How much is your time worth? I sued Brachfeld two years ago. My attorney had me come up with a value for my time. This included the time I put forward in research (i.e. reading these forums), estimated the cost of looking for work if I wasn't involved in litigation with them (Gas, Car Maintenance, and yes - my estimated time doing so). Stamps also cost good money, and then there are those sleepless nights I dealt with my stress and acid reflux. Anything you can think of that involved your effort and time, estimate a value. Are you sure you cannot come up with a reasonable estimated cost for your time, lost wages, stamps...ect.? I'm sure you were wanting to do anything else but defend yourself from them - Make em pay for it. StressPot PS> I hope you are able to do something to get it dismissed WITH prejudice!
  2. In my defense, I held a law-breaking collections attorney accountable for her actions. Research Brachfeld, you'll see how sweet and innocent she is. I have settled with reputable CA's in the past. They do exist and they aren't listed on Budd Hibbs or talked about in this forum because they don't break the law. I don't necessarily go looking for a fight but I won't wait to be backed into a corner either. I will always advocate to pay bills on time and only take on what you can handle. I'd have settled this last debt, but LVNV are abusers and they kept screwing it up til I fought back. It's nice to see the bad ones held accountable. I agree with Admin 110% and this was the gist of my response to the OP. StressPot
  3. To my knowledge, the records they look up and sell are "Public Records". If I'm wrong, someone please speak up. With that being the case, CA and JDB alike can spend a little to save a lot. Why use normal methods (harassment, ect...) against someone known ot be sue-happy? It's been long known that the collections industry prey on the weak and uninformed. I have heard of this before yes, and I am happy about it personally. Ever since I sued Brachfeld & Assoc. two years ago and settled out of court, my CR has been pretty clean. Sure my one bad record is still being reported, but there has not been 1 CA harassing me or my family since then. There have not been any pulls made by a CA or the JDB that allegedly owns the debt. I've actually been wanting them to start the harassment back up, I've been bored lately. And lastly, Transunion isn't the only company that offers this service. A lot of them have sprung up. StressPot
  4. Great news!! It's been quite a while since I have settled out of court with Brachfeld & Associates for violations of the FDCPA and WA State Consumer Protection laws. At the time of my lawsuit I had also filed complaints with the WA State Attorney General and the WA State Department of Licensing. Well they move slower than a snail, but I've finally received closure on my WA DOL complaint! See below... The great news is - They have been denied licensing to act as Collection Agents in the state of Washington!! In WA State a company needs to be licensed to do business, and in order to do collections, they need to have a Collections License attached. In checking the WA DOL website, "Law Offices of Brachfeld & Associates" and "Meridian Management Solutions LLC" are licensed to do business in WA, but they lack the Collections license, for now. I am unsure how often they can apply, or even why they were denied. They may keep trying. Brachfeld may be able to get a collections license in the future. For now tho, they have failed in their attempts in WA. To any and all WA state residents that read this forum - do not take abuse from Brachfeld in California. StressPot
  5. Hi Admin! Just my .02... I'd revise the statement: "Under the FCRA and the FDCPA, each violation is subject to a $1000 fine, payable to me." Unless the FDCPA has changed, each violation is not subject to a $1000 fine. For those reading who are not in the know, FDCPA offers relief up to $1000 per action (i.e. filed lawsuit). StressPot
  6. Better yet... Why not send your DV via UPS and write on the mailer "Payment Enclosed". Print out the delivery receipt off the UPS website for your confirmation. StressPot
  7. From what I could find out, WA does not regulate how personal property is handled when dealing with items left in a car when it is repossessed. For example: Hairbrush, maps/tire gauge in glove compartment, Audio CD's in a visor wallet. As I had said before - personal property not attached to the car. I am not sure where the confusion was in me not being specific. My brother is working with the bank at the moment, and just today was able to pick up his non-specific personal effects from the vehicle. Thanks for the effort. StressPot
  8. wahoo238 is correct - personal affects within the vehicle that did not enhance the vehicle (i.e. clothing vs in dash cd player). It is my understanding that in some states it is heavily regulated, and in others it isn't. I cannot find any information for WA, and the AG's office isn't open until Monday. Thanks all! StressPot
  9. I looked around the forums a bit and I could not find the exact info I am looking for. Maybe someone in the know from WA state can help!!! My brother had his car repo'd. In WA state, is it within the law for them to charge a fee to recover any and all property that is not bolted to the car? I will be calling the AG's office on Monday for lack of a good answer. Hope someone can help! StressPot
  10. I'm in a situation where I'd rather eat then pay for telephone service. I think society in general takes services like this for granted. In order to get a job, you need a phone. In order to get a lot of services, you need a phone. I can't even get free credit monitoring without a telephone. I am easily bully'd over the telephone though, so in a lot of ways I am glad I do not have one. Note: Before anyone inquires, my landlord provides my net service as part of my rent. I am really glad to have it!! StressPot
  11. DEANNATX: I visit that website often, and it is painful for me because I choose not to post in defense of people. Reason one - I don't have enough experience fighting CA's and JDB's. And two, the person that posted this is one of many primary posters that "help" consumers. I have tried, and I get the same berating treatment. I have reported threads of his and I am sure others have too. The problem is that the web management doesn't seem to mind the way he "helps". In the past, if there is a violation of the forums rules, the moderators just edit or delete the offending postings. To my knowledge he and his ilk have never been reprimanded even though the rules state violators will be banned/sue'd. With his clan's help, they berate and confuse consumers in the hopes that outside of the forums their victims will pay. Mind you, this is just my assumption, but there is a lot of posted evidence to show I may be right. StressPot
  12. A lot of times people forget to do this: Report them to your states Licensing Agency! Hold them accountable! StressPot
  13. Found this posting interesting. This information shows that it's best to keep everything written/documented then waste your time on the phone. Using the phone is especially dangerous if you find yourself easily bully'd. http://forum.freeadvice.com/debt-collections-84/collections-collectors-pov-443799.html NOTE: This was posted on a website that claims to help consumers with their debts. It's funny to note that the main posters that "help" are collections agents or collections attorney's. I guess the joke is on the poster... StressPot
  14. Perhaps the law was written to punish "dead beat dads" more so then "dead beat moms"? I know in WA, the law and fairness sides with the mothers. In WA, I believe the mom would get sole custody of the children if she sold and abused drugs while the father was a straight laced banker making six figures a year. So I can see where the OP is coming from, the laws can be very unfair to the father, dead beat or not. In that respect, the law violation would be ..."nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."? Am I wrong? Just my .02 cents worth... StressPot
  15. If this debt is now owned by LVNV, then I am not sure why B&A would mislead you to think it is still owned by the OC. Did you ever get a letter or statement from LVNV or a CA stating that LVNV had purchased the debt? Does LVNV have an open trade line on your credit report? I'd definitely hold onto the dunning letter and use it as a violation against B&A. Misleading is misleading (IF LVNV indeed is the current debt owner). Looking forward to updates, and again good luck! StressPot
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