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  1. what would that do searching how many judgements, I do not even know who the attorney is, they are just threatening me with the legal department. I cannot block it because it comes up unknown caller
  2. Sorry so many replies, but what would be reasonable time from them threatening me with the legal department. What I find odd about the entire situation, I found a letter from some law office sent to me in September 17, 2010, now all of a sudden NCO has it?
  3. So in order to have a DV, do I just DV and NCO address??
  4. I know you want proof in writing in case it goes to court, but since I do not know which NCO to DV, should I just let Ms. Ruby Martin know that I have saved her messages and if she does not cease with the phone calls I will file suit?
  5. The problem with the cell is, they were calling me at work and everytime I answered my boss was sitting there and in order to stop it I told them to call the number, but now they call every day at least three times a day and I have the messages saved on the phone with the..." if you do not call me by x time it will be turned over to the legal department and you can deal with them in court."
  6. So, I have had numerous of phone calls at work from someone named "Ruby Martin" from NCO, trying to collect on a debt from Dell, problem is I have never recieved anything in the mail from them about this account. I did recieve a letter from a law firm back in September of this year for it, but then now I have NCO calling me. Every day they call they tell me I have by a certain time to settle with them or its going to the law department and I can deal with them in court in front of a judge. I have actual voice mails saved on my cell phone, as now they stopped calling me at work and call my c
  7. I am going to try to make a long complicated story short and to the point. I need some help and direction in this. I live in the State of Florida. So in 2008 some junk debt collector attorney tried to file a small claims law-suit on a credit card that was out of SOL. I was never served, then in May of 2009 I was served with the paperwork. I went to the court date sat down in the courtroom and some guy in a suit came over asked to see my papers, brought me over to the table...I told them that the credit card was out of SOL and I was not going to pay...long story short they ended up scaring
  8. So, a year ago I was served with papers to go to court about a credit card that was past the statute of limitations. I had my argument ready, never went in front of the judge because the douche lawyer threw a few scare taticts out and I signed a settlement agreement to pay so much a month. Never heard from the collection/lawyer again, figured they went out of business. Now a year later I get a letter from the collection/lawyer saying they are requesting a final judgement with the judge. I looked up the case, it says disposed and nothing has been filed about a judgement. Is, this another
  9. this may not matter, but never once did he identify himself as an attorney.
  10. I have not made a payment...does anyone know if Florida is a state that resets the SOL by just agreeing to pay?
  11. I did not know what was going on... and my house and income are very important to me and when I have people saying that it made me a bit scared, because I have heard horror stories. So what should I do? Pay or file a motion or just write to CA and say fine I will pay but I want a complete delete and leave me alone.
  12. So, today I had to go to a pretrial conference for a credit card from 2003, last payment made was March 2004. They tried to sue in June of 2008 never got served. Then got served in April of 2009. The summons had nothing attached to it. So obvisouly they had no evidence. I went to court today, sat down. Guy in a suit came over grabbed my papers and told me to follow him. Sat down at a Table(judge or mediator was not there), told me it was for a credit card and the people who are suing were nice people and wanted to work something out. I told him that they had no proof and it was out of SO
  13. Yea it is Small claims, it is for 926.00. So, all I can do is time barred defense and the others? As far as case law do I cite that in my response or just have it handy for pre trial?
  14. So my other question is, when I respond to the summons, should I cite the case law in the summons, or bring that with me to pre-trial??
  15. It is in Lee County, Florida, but what is funny is the lawyer has the same address as the Collection Agency. So it is one of those lawyer/collection agency.