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  1. I heard about this one... anyone have any thoughts on this one?
  2. Im not familiar with the 623? I just tried searching it and couldnt find what it actually is
  3. be careful, my experience with chase is that they will lie right to you. I wouldnt put it passed them to just tell you that and do nothing about it.
  4. Ok I was very active on this forum and in my credit repair last year and since then had given up. I did get many deletes, but when it came to sending a third validation letter to CA's I just lost hope. Now Im ready to get back in this and finish once and for all. I dont know where to start now. Where do I start with the CA's that never responded to me? Its been a year, what should I say to them? The CRA's kept telling me that they were investigated and validated, but I never got that from the CA's. OH I hope I can get back into this.
  5. disputed and they verified. dv'd all and one company collecting for sprint sent the last bill and thats all. but the first company for sprint wasnt able to do that, they never responded.
  6. Things that I have had deleted before without a problem are now showing up again with new collection agencies. And they are able to verify with the cra's. Im getting very discouraged!
  7. ok so i applied dh for an orchard card acouple weeks ago and was only preapproved for a secured card. One more delete later i tried again yesterday. This time he was pre approved for the orchard gold card. so i submitted the application and it came back as approved. saying that i will receive an email shortly about how to check the status. That email never came. I checked the status from their web site and it said that the app is under review and i will hear from them in 10 to 14 days. Now it already said it was approved, anyone have this happen? whats their typical initial credit line?
  8. you can find them free all over the net. besides, your own letter will work much better.
  9. thank you... that make sence, but what about the amount owed? should that still be showing?
  10. DH has a Judgment reporting on equifax and experian. It was disputed and deleted off of equifax, experian is giving a hard time. I know that once its in judgment and public record that the creditor cant change any reporting about it, but i sent them a letter anyway. They sent me one saying that the judgment had been sold???? can they do that? and if its been sold, then how are they alowed to be the creditor listed in the judgment?
  11. They sent me a letter saying that they have stopped collecting on this account and have returned the account tot the origonal creditor. Checked Equifax and they have deleted from there so far! Now, should I go after the origonal creditor, just to make sure that they dont pop up as someone else on the CR?
  12. yes... funds were taken out today!
  13. sooooo ive been posting and whining about these people who had me in judgment blah blah blah... froze my bank blah blah blah. welllll a couple days ago I sent a pretty nasty email to every email address I could find for these people. Listing just a bunch of violations they have made and today they lifted the restraining order off my account!
  14. Thank you everyone who helped. Thats what I tried to tell the mortgage lady, she didint want to hear it. It seem that I know more about this stuff than she does, that scares me. I think im ready to just tell her nevermind. Its weird cuz I got approved for a house this passed March, I didnt take the loan because the intrest was like 11.67 or some crazy thing like that. Our credit was alot worse then. Then I found this wonderful forum. This judgment was there and they didnt see a problem with it. But these people wont let it slide, even though its already been deleted off of one report an