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  1. Yes, that's obvious, in hindsight. I would love to have a final bill from Citibank showing the account number and status. I don't. I don't have any records of that account at all. I don't even know if the account number they have is the same account I held. Citibank checked my name and social as well as the account number the JDB gave me and came up with nothing. But they were clear that didn't mean it never existed; I DID have a credit card with them, along with two others, that I closed when I left my job to stay home with kids. The records are just too old. I don't know what I could rep
  2. No, I don't. There's no subterfuge there. I went through a very difficult financial period in the late nineties, during a divorce, with blah blah personal stuff, and many bills went into collection, and my home faced foreclosure. But that was a few years AFTER I cancelled the credit cards, paying the remaining balances and closing the accounts. And as far as I know all debts from that time were paid - and none were credit cards, anyway. Common sense says that if I have no recollection of owing it (and you would think I would know, and that Citibank would have been asking me for it), and it's
  3. Thanks, Joanneb1253. It's extremely frustrating since I will never know if there ever WAS any amount of real debt that I didn't know about. No one can tell me. Yet I seem destined to hear from these bottomfeeders and can't make it stop. It makes me want to take SOME sort of action to make these people stop, for you and for me and for anyone else being so harassed. And yet there seems nothing that I can really do.
  4. Is there anyone here who has worked for these companies? I would like to know a few things that I can't seem to find out: When "accounts" are bought, how do they travel? Is there a physical file folder that includes correspondence? In other words, if I retain an attorney and refer them to that attorney - thereby reducing my value to them - will that information be passed along when they sell me again? Does it make me less attractive, or am I only moving along as part of some huge transaction (such as "1.2M in collectible debts")?
  5. You know (this is a rant) - this cr@#$ is extremely tiresome. I TRIED to find out if I ever owed any money that I was not aware of; I made a good effort; I could not find anything. I am not sending money to some yahoo who claims I owe money that neither he nor I can verify. Yet they seem to be able to "sell" this paper from place to place, and there seems to be not a ^@!#$ thing I can do to make them STOP. Even when they violated the FDCPA, it was not worth it to the NACA attorneys to take it to court. At what point will this bogus "debt" be worthless to the bottomfeeders and quit being re-so
  6. All right - a little better luck this time. They say it's in regards to a CitiBank account on which I owe 2649.65. This is not the figure Hecker gave me, but it's equally bogus - same supposed original creditor, who had no record of the debt when I queried them in 2007. They say they sent me notification, but I told them I had not received any. They said they'd send it again. They say I paid on the account for twenty years, last payment in 2002. I did have a Citibank card, but no longer have the account number, as I closed it about 14 years ago (paid off.) So same story - if the debt exist
  7. I'm in California. No licensing requirements for CA's here. I did read that - it's in regards to their "credit consolidation" arm, which is fraudulent. They promised reduced interest rates which they can't deliver.
  8. 877-484-5455 It googles as "Accelerated Financial" which is a debt-consolidation company doubling as a junk debt collector, apparently. It's these folks:
  9. Thank you for taking your time to help me, Robert. All right, I am going to try again. I will verify my social, name, and address. I want their company name and address and any information they have on the "debt" - i.e., debt validation. I will request this in writing as soon as I have their name and address, and I will tell them on the phone that I am doing this. I don't think I have to give them any other info, do I? Or is there anything else I ought to tell them or ask for?
  10. Thank you. I called the number they gave my sister - they answered "legal department, Christine" but no company name. I verified my name and gave them the "case number" they gave her, but would not verify my social security number for them, so they refused to tell me the name of the company I was calling, and they hung up on me. What kind of company will not tell you WHO THEY ARE??? Should I have verified my social? I don't want to do that.
  11. I was harassed by Lawrence Hecker and Donald Burak in 2007 over a supposed "debt" (could not be verified by the OC, too old, and was never verified by either CA after request.) Thread is here: Now I am getting messages from "Accelerated Financial" and they phoned my sister. I don't think I ever got any written mail from them - if I did, it looked like junk and I tossed it unopened. The NACA attorneys eventually decided that they did not want the original case and advised me to
  12. I've searched the forums, read the dictionary, and combed wikipedia in an attempt to understand the concept of tolling, and I'm still not clear. It seems certain actions can stop the clock on a statute of limitations? Or reset it? Can anyone clarify, or point me to another resource? Thanks!
  13. Yes, we filed appeal of the attorney fees. We then went into mediation again as part of the appeals process. Neither side really wanted to go forward with litigation; we're all tired and broke and heartsick. We worked very hard to come up with a possible solution that would end litigation, and if our other homeowners will approve it, we can drop the appeal and be done. I don't want any more court, attorney bills, and so on - I want to be done.
  14. As a bystander, the debates on this board over interpretation of the laws are both interesting and useful...they often contain case law citations and explanations that probably mirror the arguments one would have (or in dive's case, has had) in court. If a law or a case can be interpreted in the CA's favor, that's what they're going to argue, and it's very helpful to read opposition to this. It's like courtroom practice.