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  1. Well it's been over a month and the bank hasn't even responded to my letter. What now???
  2. That isn't correct. You have to file an answer within the time period specified or the CA will get an automatic default judgement. A debt validation is not going to stop that process.
  3. When exactly did you make the last payment? It may be out of SOL or not. You can also try to find an attorney at www.naca.net There is a list of questions to answer at the top of the lawyer forum. You need to copy that into a post and answer them. Makes it easier for people to understand your situation and perhaps offer advice.
  4. Don't think you'll find it on the web: try this number 800-700-7619
  5. Doesn't work for me... even with "dummy" info it still tells me I already have an account.
  6. NOT A POLITICAL THREAD!!! Repeat, this is NOT a political thread! Since the candidate I was leaning towards dropped off the ticket, I went searching for something that would give me some information on the stances of those left so I could make an informed decision. I found this website: http://www.ontheissues.org/default.htm It even has a quiz you can take which will match your views with those of the candidates based on their debate answers, past voting record, etc. I found it very informative and thought I'd share! Once again, this is NOT a political thread!
  7. Probably.... I'm meeting with an attorney on Monday. I don't have time for this with school and work. I think I might see what he thinks about dismissing my counterclaims and then refiling them directly against the CA/Attorney. These guys are blow hards... some of their cited cases in their motion were listed as overturned in Sheppards. Oh well...perhaps an upgrade of their law library in their future??
  8. You guys are so busy fighting you have probably confused the crap out of the OP. I just went through this with AMEX and to recap and dispel the crap that is flying around. - Yes you can DV, yes it's probably a good idea, but NCO is a major collector for AMEX so it's probably legit especially considering calling AMEX gets you transferred to NCO. - Yes you can make a multi-year payment arrangement with AMEX but the monthly payment is gonna be a killer on a $20K debt. - Whoever said AMEX takes the long view is completely correct. They won't settle, they won't sell and they will sue you for something that size if it looks like they can get it. The fact that they haven't already is surprising, but then looking back, you never stated how old this debt was. - See my previous post about the Oasis program. Call, call again, and keep calling. Each time tell them that you desperately want to get this worked out but be adamant that you WILL NOT do business with such a shady outfit as NCO.... might also throw in that you "can't believe AMEX would stoop to dealing with someone like them". Just keep calling. It took me many tries to get the right person on the phone but when I did it was back from NCO within a month and I was paying AMEX directly and will get a new card when I'm finished. My payment period was 10 months but then again, my debt wasn't the size of yours. - If you don't have serious cash to throw at this every month, the OASIS thing may not work. I just don't know. Your payment is based on a percentage of the total balance. Go for it and if it doensn't work out, you've bought a little time to move on down the road to SOL. - Above all, no more phone calls to NCO period. No more communication with them whatsoever. Stick to your guns on this and AMEX will recall. I personally would ignore their "settlement offer" letter. The point of them getting you to pay this tiny amount is simply to reset the SOL. Ignore it or if you must respond then simply write NCO back a letter stating that you've will only deal with AMEX directly.
  9. Matt, you are incorrect. AMEX very, very rarely sells the debts. to the OP, call AMEX Oasis department (search for the number here on the boards). When they try to refer you to NCO, simply tell them that you want to pay your bill but that you WILL NOT deal with this company. You researched them on the web and discovered that they've been sued countless times for violating the law. Ask them to recall your account. It may take a few months, but I did it and got the letter to rehad and pay AMEX direct. It took about four phone calls to get someone at OASIS who would listen and wasn't reading off a prepared script.
  10. oh, and i have no age... it's relative and i still feel 29 so that's where I'll hang!
  11. I feel your pain... female, married 15 yrs, separated four and divorced one. same BF for last 3yrs and no longer patiently waiting.... taking applications for rich, sugar daddy type looking to be spoiled rotten by someone who makes cookies like chelsea makes cupcakes!
  12. Everything was "unduly burdensome and not relevant to the actions of the case"... literally everything. I asked for an accounting, detailed billing, how they arrived at the interest and fees, copies of the collection notes, recordings, memos, etc. How in the world can they think they'll get away with claiming that proof of the account isn't "relevant"? Geeezzz......
  13. Well.... I'm kinda pissed. They basically answered everything with a deny or "that would be unduly burdensome"..... ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
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