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  1. ok, law experts.......here's what I don't get. If my report was pulled by ANYONE for something I had applied for, and I received the credit I requested. How do you think that creditor would feel now if they knew I had 17 more inq's than they thought, and it changed by score by 30+ points? If that had been enough for them to deny me credit, but instead they approved my application, wouldnt that have somehow violated FCRA laws? I mean, it's not in my favor but it still would seem to me a reason for them to not have corrected their mistake. Am I crazy for thinking this way?
  2. shucks, wish I could join that bank but looks like I have no way to qualify
  3. my father in law was in the Navy, so I'm certain that my wife and I could apply because of it.......but the thing is, that's not the kind of info I want to ask of my father in law, he's kind of odd in the ways and means of finances (he'd think I was broke if I asked him for this info). Is there another way around it? I remember when I tried to sign up it asked for some kind of military ID or something.
  4. I hate to kick the dirt off this old topic but I need help! I sent a letter to EQ asking to remove the FA from my report, only to have them ADD the extended 7 year alert, and then notify EX and TU, which in turn did the same thing! How will I get that thing off my report?? 7 years??
  5. I'm thinking about doing this with EX, my question is this; my fraud alert just fell off, so I can't use the old method of removing inq's right now. I had planned on doing another FA so that I could wash my inq's, should I do that before I place the freeze on the report? Does the freeze fall off in 90 days like an FA?
  6. i've used this method with success in the past, but now it doesnt seem to work for me I've used the same form and format now twice in the past month and nothing has fallen off. Did they change the way in which you are to input the inquiry disputes?
  7. if it's worth it for you to spend a few bucks to get it off, pm and I'll give you my attorney's info. He's the arch nemesis of Cavalry and just the mention of his name will have them removing their TL and enq's in a heartbeat.
  8. ok, I just got off the phone with them. I'm a bit surprised that they take your word for getting the letter and not having it shown somewhere on your account. Also the girl on the phone also told me that they do this 4 times a year (once per quarter), and since I opted for the $500 credit limit increase that I should call back in 3 months and take the 6% interest reduction. I've had the card for only 4 mos, was opened up with a $500 limit and given an increase to $750 just last month. I'm now at $1250, not too shabby. FACO 7/07 TU 565 EX 551 EQ 540 8/07 TU 630 EX 610 EQ 578 9/07 TU 660 EX 661
  9. i used this method to successfully go from 23 down to 5. In the past 3 months it went up to 12, yesterday I faxed a request to remove the 7 new inqs and they were gone today.
  10. I believe that fax number you listed for EX is their fraud dept. I've used this fax number with good results to remove inq's. They will remove them if you have a fraud alert and fax them a copy of your dl and ss along with your request. I dont think it will work for other disputes, tho I havent tried.
  11. they declined me last november, since I've gotten the 1 baddie off of EQ. I re-applied yesterday, they pulled EQ (my fico is 703), sent them check stubs (annual income is $90k), and they gave me the bogus 'pyramid debts' excuse and declined me again. Screw em
  12. well, I finally figured it out. After some patients, it does work. Will post the results of this method once I receive them. Fingers crossed!
  13. they pulled Ex here in Ca. I just got approved last month for $1000, faco 650/fico 700. I put in a request for CLI after just two weeks, was given auto approval online for $5000. Also, added my wife as AU and card started reporting immediately to her credit report.
  14. you've all been helpful with advice about my continued pursuit of removing a CO I have on my report. But now that I have all 3 cra's reporting nearly identical account and inquiries, only EQ has deleted my account with the CO and my fico score is about 30 points lower than TU and EX! It seems deleting that account has hurt my score due to the length of time it was open, much more so than the CO itself. Any advice about giving up the fight and riding it out? I still believe I can get them to delete with the ammo that I have, but now not so sure that I should.