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  1. It's important to know you need to build your credit before you can access these low rate cards, you're credit score is high right now because the major(if not only) debt you have is student loans(good debt) In order to obtain the "next level" cards you need to start with one like at the credit union first. Use that, charge some items, and pay them off for a good 6 months to a year, and you'll be surprised who's catering to you after that! Additionally, taking out a small personal loan and paying that off in less time than is required will also bump up your credit history in a short period of time as well. Also. that 11% definately is not bad!!!
  2. I personally feel 6 is a little excessive...I would cap it around 3, plus one for business expenses if you get reimbursed for that sort of thing. Additionally, its not so much the number of cards you have, but the limits set on them. Based on the same income, you're more likely to revieve credit with 6 cards totaling $18,000 available credit than 3 cards totally $30,000. Again, in this case there isn't a right or wrong, I have 3, plus a business.
  3. Wow, definately alot involved here, I'm thinking I'll probably stay put for the time being. My concern was with the balance around $6,000 and my income around 35,000, it doesn't look that good when you add on my car loan (around 13k), student loans (20k), and my credit card (around 3k). I'm really not looking to make any big purchases or anything right away that would require a credit check, but I just wanna be sure to stay on top of things.
  4. thank you very much, both of you, for your help!
  5. Also, is there a terms page which include all the abbreviations(ie AU) for newbs like myself?
  6. I'm asking in the grand scheme of things, will removing my name from his account (which unfortunately carries a balance right now, and will continue to) help or hurt my score?
  7. Ok, first time here- so be kind...I know all the basics in credit, scoring, raising your credit score, etc. This question is a bit advanced, though. Hopefully you can shed some light on this. When I was in college my father added me to his american express account, so I could have an emergency. I'm now 24 and out on my own and have no purpose for this card, as I don't use it, and it's just increasing my over all amount of debt I have. Here's my question...will removing my name from his american express account hurt my credit score (counting it as a canceled card) OR help it (by reducing my over-all debt)? Let's see what ya got! Thanks in advance
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