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  1. Thanks a bunch LIR; great thread answered all the questions I had.
  2. I like your angle...that's savvy. ~ He who borrows sells his freedom ~
  3. Set mini goals, none of this happens overnight. My ultimate goal is to stay and be debt free less a mortgage. You can’t be made to feel inferior without your consent. Your credit score is not you. Knowledge is power! CA’s are concerned about the informed consumer. Moreover, comprehensive didactic message boards such as this concern them. I would recommend visiting a debt collector’s board or two. Know thy adversary- you won’t need to read long. Guard your land line phone number as you would your family jewels. Never, ever talk to a CA. If you somehow find yourself goat roped into speaking
  4. Hello all: My first post everyone I have been lurking for awhile. Learning alot of the nuts and bolts to compliment what I thought I already knew:roll: I appreciate this site and all that care and contribute. Forward to Americredit...yep had heartburn w/them. Phone never stopped ringing at home or work, total disregard. My marriage with them, their CA's and JDB is past the SOL as of last month. Americredit was worse than ANY CA/JDB I ever had to deal with. Here may be a helpful link to most on this board just query the company you may be having problems with chances are you won't be alone + t