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  1. The number is from C&C Associates (supposedly) 1-877-320-5165. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hey Everyone, I sent a Debt Validation Letter to West Asset Management on August 16 for an outstanding debt (originally from Bank of America). The SOL on this debt expired in 2005. I am now receiving phone calls from a company called C & C Associates stating that either I or my designated attorney needs to contact them about a law suit that is being filed against me. Now, I know that the SOL has expired and they have no legal recourse for this expired debt. Can you please help me with my next step in this process? Should I call them and advise them to send me this lawsuit in writing so I can use this against them later in the process or should I...........heck I don't know what my other options are! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Thanks again, I am taking care of the dispute right now. I will update you on the outcome.
  4. Thanks AmeriKaner83 I will send out the DV letter tomorrow. Could you please tell me what ITS stands for and is there a sample letter that I can get some ideas from?
  5. Maybe someone can help me. I actually have 2 issues to handle. I have an item in collections on my Equifax CR from Credigy that was originally from Discover. The date of last activity is 08/2001 but there is also a date of 01/2007 under the "Date Maj. Del. 1st Reptd". This account has been delinquent since 2001 but Credigy has not sent me a Dunning letter in the last year. I know the SOL has expired and I was wondering if I should send a DV letter to the address on the credit report? I also have the old Dunning letters with their letterhead on it. Also, I have a CA sending me Dunning letters from an original Bank of America acccount that went delinquent in 07/2002. I know that the SOL has also expired on this account and the only reporting on my CR is from the OC as a charge off. The OC has reported this every month since 08/2002. Should I send a DV letter to the CA and how should I dispute the OC with the CRA? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I just reviewed my Transunion credit report and found that I have 2 Adverse reports from Collect America and 1 each from Chase and MBNA. These Chase and MBNA credit accounts went delinquent and final activity was in 06/2002. They sold the debt to Collect America which I settled with in 02/2005. Is it normal or legal for both companies to keep reporting these accounts. It doesn't seem right for the same account to affect my credit twice. Is there anything I can do to get one or both of these off my credit report? Hindsight is definitely 20/20...I should have sent them a Debt Validation letter instead. Haafar
  7. I have a secured credit card through First Premier Bank as well as HSBC bank. You might want to check them out.
  8. Hello All! Since this is my first posting, I just wanted to express my gratitude for all the great information I've pulled off your message boards. I have e-mailed this web site to all my friends and I believe this should be on the Google toolbar (evryone should know about these laws). Now to my question. I have 2 credit card accounts that have been in collection with several different collection agencies since 2002. I lived in Florida when I opened these accounts but have lived in Nevada for the last 2 years. Can you tell me what state the SOL applies? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Haafar:
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