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  1. I guess I am just curious - How many CC's should you have? I currently have six (all have a zero balance) but I wonder if it's too many.
  2. I've had a Capital One Visa since 2003. I orignally got it with a $300 limit and they increased it to $500 in January 2007. I asked for an increase but they wouldn't budge - so I started using the card a lot - but paying the balances every week. Within 2 months they raised the limit to $2000. I'm now doing the same thing with my Capital One Mastercard in hopes of getting it's limit raised. The key for me was to use the card for everything - but pay the balance as soon as I could.
  3. I was approved at the register for a target guest card in November 2006 for $200. I used the card for 2 months, paying the balance off completely each month. I have since not used the card and it had a zero balance from January to Current. Today I got a letter with an upgraded Target Visa card with a $5000 limit. I am shocked. The APR is pretty high but I made a pact with myself that I am going to always pay full balances at the end of each month - so I guess the APR doesn't matter much.
  4. Does the entire account come off of your account seven years after the first 180 day deliquency? Does the account have to be charged off before it can come off? Here is my situation. I have two bad accounts, the first is with Beneficial. I took out a loan in 1998 and stopped making payments in 2001. My first 180 day deliquency was in Sept 2001. The account wasn't charged off until May of 2005 in which it was subsequently sold to a collection agency. I have since paid the collection agency and the CO removed all negative marks from my report. The problem is that the negative account from Beneficial (the original creditor) still remains on my report. When can I expect this to come off of my report? Is it seven years from the charge-off or seven years from the 180 day deliquency? I have the same problem with an old credit card that I had with Wells Fargo. The account has since been paid, but it looks like my first 180 day deliquency was in August 2002 and it was charged off in Sept 2002. When will this come off my report? Any advice is very appreciated!
  5. If you could PM the number that would be very helpful.
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