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  1. Thread seems to be asleep CLI of $800 from Orchard taking my limit to 1600
  2. Paid off last month Crap 1 $378 First Premier $275 Orchard $781 This month Bank of America $1475
  3. This is how I would approach your situation if it were me. Continue to make timely payments. Since your debts are installment loans I would not attempt to chip them away they do not hurt your score as much as revolving debt counting towards utilization. Manage your savings to make sure your current day to day bills are paid, rather than attempt to resolve debts with no income coming in. You currently have 5 positive tradelines reporting. Keep them positive, Treat your orchard card right, use it every few months, keeping utilization under 10%, then PIF.
  4. I would not seek new credit while unemployed that becomes too easy a situation that may lead to unwanted debt
  5. The person was some how able to leave island with the car. So now that they've moved that complicated things and he got left with the bill.
  6. Yea we fully understand the responsibility so he's been paying on it for the past 16 months. Was just wondering if this like most other things had a loop hole
  7. My significant other was a co-signer on a car loan and the primary has stopped making payments on the loan. Is there any way he can get out of keeping up these payments? Or is he stuck with this until it's paid off?
  8. False what is this thing you call summer? LOL TNP is afraid to drive in bad weather.
  9. True I would like to make one for my mom TNP has never tried a midori cake
  10. LOL TRUE why should we with their nice warm weather TNP is ready for spring
  11. Can we have some cocoa in your new mugs to celebrate the CLI?
  12. I consolidated all of my student loans with ACS education in 2006, however Direct Loans has reported me as 60 days pass due on my CR for a $400 balance. They are saying they credited my account for a payment by accident, so that was the reason it didn't go into ACS for consolidation, and is only now showing up 2 years later. I have applied for a forbearance so that they don't report it 90 days late. I do not know if I indeed owe them this money. How do i get rid of this negative reporting, and sort this all out? Any help would be appreciated
  13. False I live on a tropical island and can't wait to go to vacation TNP needs a maid
  14. FALSE Don't go to work till 2:00pm TNP is a procrastinator
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