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  1. This is how I would approach your situation if it were me.

    Continue to make timely payments. Since your debts are installment loans I would not attempt to chip them away they do not hurt your score as much as revolving debt counting towards utilization. Manage your savings to make sure your current day to day bills are paid, rather than attempt to resolve debts with no income coming in.

    You currently have 5 positive tradelines reporting. Keep them positive,

    Treat your orchard card right, use it every few months, keeping utilization under 10%, then PIF.

  2. I consolidated all of my student loans with ACS education in 2006, however Direct Loans has reported me as 60 days pass due on my CR for a $400 balance. They are saying they credited my account for a payment by accident, so that was the reason it didn't go into ACS for consolidation, and is only now showing up 2 years later.

    I have applied for a forbearance so that they don't report it 90 days late. I do not know if I indeed owe them this money. How do i get rid of this negative reporting, and sort this all out?

    Any help would be appreciated

  3. Is there anything I can do about Applied canceling my card due to a foreign address? I moved to the Virgin Islands 2 years ago and they canceled it then, but when I called they re-instated after I explained we are US territory, blah blah blah. They canceled me again after that and I asked that a note be placed on my account since I was assured the system is automatically kicking me out once I have no balance due but it's just a glitch.

    Well I did it again I paid my balance in full and they canceled my card, and notified me that it won't be re-opened unless I move back to 1 of the 50 states.

    Which would then cost me $60 to re-open.

    I do have a US address that can be used, but on a $600 limit with Applied is it worth it to re-open or just count my losses now? The card was opened in 2005 and is one of my longest cards.

  4. I was approved for a new hooters card then notified that they can't issue me the card due to my location. This account is being reported to all 3 bureaus and I need to know what steps to take to have the account removed. Do I just write to Hooters and ask that they remove it from my reports or dispute with the credit bureaus?

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