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  1. Would ambulance services fall under a medical collection? And then does the same rules apply under medical privacy?
  2. I currently have some cards and were curious from experienced users what my chances of CLI or AF waivers are at this point. I've had them from 04-05 and after the initial 6 month increase there has been no changes Applied Card $500 First Premier $250 Orchard Band $300
  3. I'm the porn addict in our home, Dh doesn't see a problem he actually enjoys reaping the benefits
  4. got approved haven't received my card yet, but it is reporting
  5. Experian updated 1 and deleted 2
  6. TU FAKOS started at 623 3 negatives removed 626 2 CO removed 651
  7. TU has also removed 2 CO today I have 1 CO account with them who i've sent a goodwill letter hoping for a PFD Hope I have the same luck with EQ and EX
  8. I called "no status could take up to 30 days" I've taken that as denied and stuck my head between my legs
  9. My recommendation is Emigrant Direct offers a higher interest than ING
  10. just dropping in to wish you luck
  11. TU has removed 3 of the 6 thru disputes waiting on more good results
  12. I've just started my path to financial freedom this week and TU has removed 3 negatives from my report in a few days.... Thank You for all the support and encouraging stories i've read on here that led me to my new road of success
  13. niquieg


    Thank you for what you do, having held many jobs in the field I know the emotional toll it can take
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