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  1. Are you sending it to the OC or a CRA? Answer is different for each! BTW! Welcome to the site. Blessings Moriah
  2. Congrats on new job and also being able to get the CC! Blessings Moriah
  3. File a complaint with BBB if this isn't your bill or whatever there is also email addresses posted for their legal egals check my post on Midland if you don't find it quickly contact me as I can dig out the addresses. for resons best understood by them they deal with the BBB when they won't with you. Blessings Moriah
  4. It probably did he has already spent time in jail! He tells that on himself! Blessings Moriah
  5. WTG and Thanks for posting yours!! Blessings Moriah
  6. Get ready to file a BBB report with the San Deigo office. Also if you do a midland search under my handle you will find email addresses for folks at Midland. They are a pita but they will comply if you make them. Blessings Moriah
  7. Now that you know the difference in them. A tip for buying FICO's is google for cupons. mwo1 was for 20% off. Sometimes you run on one that is a bit more. But the FICO scores are not cheap. Blessings Moriah
  8. Hello Check out this link http://debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?p=821101&highlight=Midland#post821101 Do a search on Midland much has been written about their tactics. They respond best to BBB complaints. They did not answer me but put in removal of the account the day they recieved my first e-mail Good Luck and Blessings Moriah
  9. My take is if you are looking to finance a house in the next 3 months and I think I read that. You need to reduce the amounts owed and forget any more cards till after you get your mortgage. You also need to have an emergency savings for your mortgage loan. So to me paying down balances as much as possible is more important right now than new credit. Blessings Good luck on the house Moriah
  10. I personally would try BBB and Att General consumer protection etc. That is called building the case you obviously want to be rid of the derog ASAP. Blessings Moriah
  11. WTG! TU has always been a bear for me. Blessings Moriah
  12. Do you own and drive a vehicle? If so you care about your credit report whether or not you intend to make major purchases. Ins companies look at you CR before granting insurance. Food for thought. Blessings Moriah
  13. I was just approved for PayPal Plus with GEMB I live in Ky and they pulled TU for me which is my lowest and shows 2 baddies one pd collection and one not pd. collection. So whose to know what they are looking for FICO 698 last time I checked Blessings Moriah
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