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  1. Are you sending it to the OC or a CRA? Answer is different for each! BTW! Welcome to the site. Blessings Moriah
  2. Congrats on new job and also being able to get the CC! Blessings Moriah
  3. File a complaint with BBB if this isn't your bill or whatever there is also email addresses posted for their legal egals check my post on Midland if you don't find it quickly contact me as I can dig out the addresses. for resons best understood by them they deal with the BBB when they won't with you. Blessings Moriah
  4. It probably did he has already spent time in jail! He tells that on himself! Blessings Moriah
  5. WTG and Thanks for posting yours!! Blessings Moriah
  6. Get ready to file a BBB report with the San Deigo office. Also if you do a midland search under my handle you will find email addresses for folks at Midland. They are a pita but they will comply if you make them. Blessings Moriah
  7. Now that you know the difference in them. A tip for buying FICO's is google for cupons. mwo1 was for 20% off. Sometimes you run on one that is a bit more. But the FICO scores are not cheap. Blessings Moriah
  8. Hello Check out this link http://debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?p=821101&highlight=Midland#post821101 Do a search on Midland much has been written about their tactics. They respond best to BBB complaints. They did not answer me but put in removal of the account the day they recieved my first e-mail Good Luck and Blessings Moriah
  9. My take is if you are looking to finance a house in the next 3 months and I think I read that. You need to reduce the amounts owed and forget any more cards till after you get your mortgage. You also need to have an emergency savings for your mortgage loan. So to me paying down balances as much as possible is more important right now than new credit. Blessings Good luck on the house Moriah
  10. I personally would try BBB and Att General consumer protection etc. That is called building the case you obviously want to be rid of the derog ASAP. Blessings Moriah
  11. WTG! TU has always been a bear for me. Blessings Moriah
  12. Do you own and drive a vehicle? If so you care about your credit report whether or not you intend to make major purchases. Ins companies look at you CR before granting insurance. Food for thought. Blessings Moriah
  13. I was just approved for PayPal Plus with GEMB I live in Ky and they pulled TU for me which is my lowest and shows 2 baddies one pd collection and one not pd. collection. So whose to know what they are looking for FICO 698 last time I checked Blessings Moriah
  14. Remember that the Telephone Company has condoned the use of cell phones for collection purposes. That information is in a thread on this board. So if you don't wnat your cell phone used don't give anyone you are applying for credit to your cell phone number it then becomes fair game and will be passed around. Blessings Moriah
  15. Get the pen out and start writing letter to the FTC Report them long,loud and clear. Also Draft a lawsuit and send them that and an ITS. You should have adquate documentation. They will play till we all hold their feet to the fire to follow the law. I know dealing with the court is a PITA but I am in total sympathy if we tried to do some of their business practices we would be ridden out of town on a rail. Blessings Moriah
  16. If you have the paperwork from the CRA with numbers on them you can try disputing as based on wrong date and cite their own report number to them. Since you are in TX the SOL is run so they won't be able to sue. If they are now saying 2012 it is not just going to fall off on the original June date. Did you contact them in 2005 and make payment arrangements of any kind? Read your TX consumer laws carefully. My guess is, You will have to rattle their cage. Blessings Moriah
  17. I think more than using it in court it is used for leverage. It seems to me I read if you are filing re: violations it can be used as proof in court. Seems to me I read something about it Dive Medics old threads don't quote me on that but it is a place to look. Blessings Moriah
  18. As far as I know all inquires are checked electronically thru e-oscar. All disputes are reduced to a 2 digit code. to the DF data furnisher. It doesn't matter if it is OC, or CA etc. As to whether they keep them I have no clue. But I keep ever scrap of paper they send me pluse what I sent them. They prefer you do everything online makes their life easier. You wind up with no clear cut proof if you need it at a later Date. Can't begin to tell you how important good records are. Blessings Moriah
  19. In the meantime I would respond that they sent inadquate documentation for the DV request. Always remember that with the OC you want an investigation not DV. Fizzle's idea is excellent but I would do both things and make sure you have documentation that you answered in the required time limit. Just my thoughts Blessings Moriah
  20. This is for Midland have not dealt with LVN. Midland wants to keep up their rating with the BBB contact the San Deigo office. They will answer the BBB. Also several have had results with emailing. Mine was the did it but never responded to me directly but when I looked at the dates the BBB sent they acted as soon as they got the email. Also many post have been done on Midland. Do a Search! This is only one http://debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=284246&highlight=Midland
  21. It is my understanding under Hippa that it is the DR. or medical institute that is governed by Hippa not the CA"s. It is extremly important that the Dr. offiice pull the account from the collection agency. According to where you live in KY they may or may not remove it before the 7 yr. reporting period. I spoke with attorneys re: this matter and was basically told that they can report anywhere from 2-10 years. Take your pick. So it is very important that the Dr. agrees in writing to pull the account from the CA. Blessings Moriah
  22. Congrats! Keep up the good work and keep us posted! Blessings Moriahxdancex
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